questionswhat do you do to winterize your motorcycle?


My process is pretty close to the same: Do a quick oil change, top off the tank, and put in the recommended amount of Stabil. So far, it's worked great for me, every spring I'll hook it up to the 'Battery Tender' for a day or two to freshen up the charge and the she's good to run for another season!


put it in the garage and drive my car.


This is LAX.
Change the oil.
Change the filters.
Wipe off the seats and chromie bits.
Gas the tank.
Go ride.

We got a quarter inch (The Saint Paddy's Day storm of 2012!!!!) of rain yesterday.
It's about 75 right now.


When I put my bike away for the winter I always change the oil, make sure the battery is fully charged, fill the gas tank and move it inside. I have a garage I keep heated to a minimum of 50 degrees in the winter. When it's time to bring it out for the spring I always hook up the battery charger for a few hours just to make sure.