questionswhich dyson vacuum?


I have no experience with Dyson except checking the price tag...ouch! I bought a Shark Navigator right here on WOOT two years ago for around $60 and it is amazing. Same technology as the Dyson but much cheaper. I have an Australian Shepherd that sheds like crazy and this vacuum works like a champ.


We have a DC24, works great for ~1000 sq. ft. home with carpets and hardwoods. The vacuum is pretty light, my wife doesn't have any difficultly picking it up and the ball makes it easy to maneuver. Definitely happy with it.


Thanks all for your advice. I did a bit of comparing and finally decided on the DC24. I picked one up on Wednesday morning's woot-off and had it at my house on Thursday. First impressions are pretty favorable. I'll have to run it through some paces though.

Thanks again!