questionsdo u even diy bro?


suggestion: duct tape on keyboard = no questions.
PS buckyballs are illegal to sell/purchase in USA.


@mybestuser1: good thing everyone who visits this site already has (at least) a set


Genius! Who thinks these things up? Because I want to hang out with them.


@pinchecat: Nice to see that You can communicate.


thread deleted in 3....2....1...

but seriously.. I love my Buckyballs.. I bought 50 sets when they were reduced to $5/ea (every color they ever offered).

I now give them out as stocking stuffers or use at my desk @ work/home. #missBucky


@devexityspace: 50 sets seems a little extreme. I love it!!!


@devexityspace: not sure why'd they delete a question that refers to a product no longer available on the market. learning how to find ceiling studs using buckyballs doesn't really increase the likelihood of swallowing them unless you do it with your mouth open


@kylemittskus: I was kinda hoping the company would win and the price would go back to normal.. Then I would have sold just enough to get my money back @ $25/ea. and keep the rest :p. but this works too.. I can build some epic stuff with this many buckyballs.


@pinchecat: was just a joke about the thread deletion...

Or was it? (This new woot, who knows...)


@pinchecat: I am without buckyballs and jealous of all of you. I saw them on sale but never pulled the trigger. PS one of the sites that I shop at still sells a generic version but it is a Chinese seller who pushes them.


@devexityspace: They deleted my thread within minutes a few months ago when I thought I lost 3-4 balls and asked if there was any way anyone knew of to get them replaced

Fortunately I later found the balls stuck to the leg of my desk chair. I was thrilled...


@devexityspace: Damn but I wish I had known when they went on sale for 5 bucks. I would have been all over that!!



9/21/12 for a 1 day event. Flat rate shipping of $5.95 too.. I actually thought about ordering even more than I did-- but I had "some" restraint


Buckyball creativity notwithstanding, magnetic stud finders are teh suck.
Misleading title is misleading.

j5 j5

@j5: Yes, I came expecting a discussion on DIY, not buckyballs. The misleading title may keep the thread under the Destroy all Buckyballs radar, but it also isn't going to draw in the people who might be interested in the actual topic.


Beef Jerkey, Duct tape wallets, arcade machine, acrade sticks


@moondrake: The topic was initially about DIY... (via the YouTube video).. not the ops fault that the thread was hijacked by BuckyBall Fans!


@devexityspace: I don't really think of finding a beam as DIY. That's just information gathering, albeit using non-traditional tools. Using the beam to install a ceiling fan or light fixture would fall under DIY.


Holy crap. Are we allowed to say... BUCKYBALLS? I've missed saying buckyballs so much.


@thumperchick: Only if you know Bucky intimately.