questionshow do you feel about mail-in rebates?


Over the years, I've saved hundreds of dollars with mail in rebates. I tend to be organized & am good at following detailed instructions, so I've never had one not work when I got it done within the deadline. (On one occasion, I ended up missing the dealine on a $25 MIR for a WD 40GB drive, though I don't recall whether I misplaced the receipt or simply put it off or what. A few times, I've saved the UPCs & form for smaller MIRs on toothpaste or beer or whatever & never got around to actually sdending the rebate in.)

While instant rebates are better, the online submission ones aren't bad at all & save the cost of a stamp (eg. the recent ones from Staples to get $4.98 off of a ream of paper).

I don't live paycheck to paycheck, so it really doesn't matter to me whether a rebate check takes two, four, six or eight weeks to arrive.

It used to be annoying to have to schlep to the bank to deposit the checks, but now I use my camera phone and don't even have to put on pants to do it.


I've had some bad luck with Staples "Easy" rebates - they actually still owe me like $60 from a couple years ago lol - luckily I kept the receipts

But let's be real, nobody likes mail in rebates - that's one of the reasons why they exist in the first place; so a company can advertise a product at a certain price, without actually having to sell it at that price to a large percentage of the customers :D

Can't really envision a scenario where somebody would want to give there money to a company for several weeks/months, only to wait in anticipation of the day it's returns...

Maybe if you really like opening mail?


If I had to guess, I'd say I've had about 80% success with mail-in rebates. Additionally, about 3 out of 4 rebates, I don't take care of right away and miss the deadline, or just forget to do them altogether. Thus, If I'm an average customer, it's a good idea for companies to run them now and then.

I've decided to only buy products with rebates if the price before the rebate is roughly equivalent to the going rate elsewhere. You won't catch me buying at a moderately inflated price to "save big" with a $150 rebate.


I hate them. As a seriously addicted, but good, shopper I will not buy anything with a MIR. I have an allowance for my habit, and can not see the point in not having that money. Of course there are always exceptions, but very rarely. If I do happen to buy something, I ALWAYS mail it in asap!


They are a pain. The least desirable way to save a buck. Better than paying full price though!


@drchops: I like them.

It gets a price to be free overall or substantial savings normally not given, simply because the customer isn't lazy. If everything was just free everything would be sold out. But if a company uses MIRs, they make money off the lazy, forgetful, people and not me.

It's pretty simple to not have a problem... FOLLOW DIRECTIONS
and make sure your mail will not be forwarded within the expected time period (USPS doesn't forward 3rd class mail- MIRs included).


It depends on what it is for, how much and in what form the rebate will be given. I do rebates at Menards all the time because I know I will be shopping there again.


Hate 'em with a passion and if I'm patient, can usually find just as good a deal without all the hoops.


@dropzone9540: Agreed. Hate Them. Too much hassle and potential to forget. Lost/unused Gift cards and mail-in rebates account for so much money that is wasted (stores/restaurants love it).


I hate them and pretty much will not buy something with a MIR


@jsoko: That actually makes sense. (see: HP TOUCHPAD :) )


They are Lame Lame Lame...


MIR= Mission Impossible Rebate. Hate it


The good!!!!! Is a great idea!


You mean like Frys?
The ad comes out on Friday. I buy the item on Sunday.
The instructions say I need the Frys receipt, the MIR form from Frys, the other one from the manufacturer, the product's box endflap, and a piece of the front of the box.
Oh yeah, the MIR is good for a week- from Friday- so if they haven't received and processed the forms by the next Friday you're SOL.
BUT! I have brand new spam trying to fill my inbox!


I use them when I can manage to get the paperwork, receipt, etc. all together in one place with an envelope and a stamp. Not using them feels like wasting money, but, in general I find them to be an annoying nuisance.