questionsdoes anyone use the zmodo security camera system…


There are a few options here that might work.


Actually I'll take suggestions on better iPhone apps for it too. The one that they recommend really sucks.

@rprebel - thanks - not having any luck with the apps they mention in that article. Says "Device not supported" when I try to connect.


Two good iPhone apps: Super mEye and MEye, both available from the App store. Both work great with a bunch of Zmodo units that I have. And best: They're free.


I have it on my Mac and it works just fine. I bought a hard drive for it because it doesn't come with one and then it worked.


The initial setup is only a little trickier. I plugged in the cam and it seems to want to grab automatically with DHCP frustratingly DISABLED. If you can find a way to get to the web interface (at port 99 by default) then you can change everything over the web interface (id is admin, password is blank by default). This is tougher if your router is, then you'd need to work a little bit of magic to see the ip cam. If your router is then you should be golden logging into the web interface at