questionshave you attempted to treat hair loss?


Not the right one to answer you, I'm a female. For what it's worth - my late husband told me he began balding in high school. I met & married him long after that. It did bother him, & if he had wanted to treat the baldness in any way I would have supported him. I just kept saying - it sure didn't matter to me. He was a luscious, gorgeous hunk of a man.

Told him that my father was bald ever since I could remember. ...That Sean Connery, one of the sexiest men in the world, was bald. And so on. My son (not the same husband I spoke of) is also balding - the missing hair at the back, & forehead/temples that becomes bigger every year. It bothers him, too.

I can only say to you, do what ever you're comfortable with. Please remember, women will love you for you, not your hair. Best of luck whatever you do! One caveat: Please NEVER do that horrid comb-over!


Yeah, I started going bald at 20. Went from having long rockstar hair down my back, to rocking a very thin skullet by 23. Bit the bullet and shaved it all off at 25, and bought a cheap set of clippers, since paying a barber to take it all off once every 3 weeks is stupid.

It bothered me that I was going bald at such a young age, but now, I don't care quite as much... My girl isn't at all interested in my hair.

Besides, the Viking beard I'm sporting works well with the lack of hair up top.


As a woman I say if you have a nicely shaped noggin, closely crop your hair or even consider taking it all off. To some of us, it really IS what's on the inside that counts. I'd rather have a man with charm, a sense of humor and intelligence than a jerk with great hair.

(Having rock hard abs and a chiseled chin is easier to achieve than growing back the hair.)


I've been shaving my head for 7 years or so. I've been balding since I was a teenager. I don't shave it often enough; I already have a standard horseshoe pattern and the top is getting sparser and thinner every time. It didn't bother me until I watched an episode of 30 Rock where Scott Adsit's character sported a wig. He looked so much younger!

I decided to give Rogaine (and later generic minoxidil) a try. It's been nearly 4 months and I definitely have significant growth. Unfortunately, I'm still not fooling anyone. I am undeniably bald. I'm going to stick with it for a year and see if I get passable results. As of now, I just have enough hair to start a pathetic comb-over.