questionsdoes anyone have any good sources for freeā€¦


You can get a few free samples/coupons here:

You do have to register, but it's pretty painless. I'm waiting on some Tide and Prilosec samples to be delivered.


Sam's Club and Costco always give away free samples, not sure exactly what you're looking for. Just samples in general?


I knew someone who did pretty good with ... They had about 70% success with getting some kind of free crap each time they tried. It's all little trial size stuff (but hey, it's free!)

Also a word of warning - she gave her actual cell phone number to sign up for the freebies, and a few months later she eneded up with one of those scammer extra charges on her phone. She's convinced it was connected, but I don't know that for sure.


@eraten: Seems like whenever I go to Whole Foods (which isn't often) they have a boatload of free samples.