questionswhat are you buying your mother for mother's day?


I can't say, she woots too and she might read this - then it wouldn't be a surprise!


Wow! Thanks for reminding me! (shamefully hangs head) I usually take her out somewhere nice but I need to do something extra special this year as my mother is now a first time grandmother to my new son! With the new baby and all mothers day somehow slipped my mind!

Props on the early reminder!!!!!


Flowers. She doesn't like candy and she has money so she buys anything else she wants.


I have no idea. Can't believe it is coming so soon.
I usually go in w/ my siblings, but since I live close by, I'm always the idea person. Maybe I will have it be their turn.


My Mom loves See's Candies. That's all she wants, and by golly, that's what she's gonna get.


Not sure. But I'll come up with something. It's Father's Day that's a killer for me. In my family, Dad's much harder to buy for than Mom.


My sister started this tradition of giving her a little scrapbook with notecards explaining what we learned from her raising us. For example: "Hard Work- You taught me that things do not come easy and we should work hard for what we want" and "Persistence- You taught me to not take any guff from someone trying to cheat you out of something" etc.

Going to give her more cards and perhaps use my very limited art skills as a gift. I found some very old pictures of my dad that I will try to draw by hand. Just time consuming. No money to spend after the bathroom remodel. :|


No matter what, the proper answer for gift purchases is for you to actually listen and pay attn to the person and get them what they want. I no longer buy anything major for my mother for Mother's Day (her request - after many years, I listen), but a whole ton of family gets together for my Grandmother's Mother's day. We figure out something she wants for her house (condo), whether she wants a plant, a computer, a new toilet (it totally happened one year!) or whatever. I suppose we've been lucky to not have to dig too hard for something. If you LISTEN, you will usually hear an answer.


Movers. She is selling her house and I don't want to deal with the actual moving of her stuff, so I'm getting someone in to move her.


I'm trying to convince her that the semi-expensive thing she wants on ebay is actually ugly and stupid and not worth her money... so that I can buy it and surprise her with it instead. It's worked successfully a few times before, yet she hasn't caught on and constantly thinks I'm just being contrary. Which is fine because then, when I surprise her with the stuff, she goes all teary-eyed happiness, which is a reaction I loooooove! Hhnngh, I love present-planning so muuuuch... it's all I can do not to cackle at her and give it away (I've spoiled too many presents with my over-excitement and subsequent over-hinting/straight-up telling).
Currently doing research on a new restaurant to which to take her for M's Day. Her old favorite, Hopleaf, significantly expanded and subsequently lost quite a bit of quality--it's still good, but it's no longer exceptional. So now I'm looking for other places in the city that've got awesome moules & frites (her favorite) to try. Ahaha, I love this 'ish!


From a long-time Mom. What I would really love would be a meal out with my sons (one at a time). Not that I don't like my daughters-in-law, I do. But to have some one-on-one time with my kids would be fantastic. Now, my kids are in their 30s, but still, doesn't matter the age.


It's Sunday, May 12th for anyone else who had to google it...
And I'll probably send a card and giver her a call or visit.