questionsare you going to take your kids to get a free…


oh cool...i'm gonna tell my friends with kids about this. thanks!

btw, i love the original tags: kidnplay fade do


There are a limited number of slots available. Appointments ahead of time are wise. I think it's great.

It's a smart move by Penny's. It points out that they have hair salons, and also helps to improve their damaged image from the "repricing" disaster that they're trying to fix.


My mom used to take us to Penny's for haircuts back in the day.


Hm. I knew they had a photo studio, but not a salon. Apparently ours has both, so I might as well see if they have any open free cut appointments for late August. Thanks for the heads up!


I used to go to Penny's to get my haircut in middle school. That was a step up from "the lady around the corner's kitchen". I got the upgrade after I left her house in tears once after a particularly bad shearing. And I mean shearing - my hair was so short I was frequently mistaken for a boy that summer. And I was 12.


No but only because my teenaged girls have a preferred stylist.


nope, my kids already get free cuts at a friend's salon.

By the way, if you do get your kids' hair cut for free at Penny's or some other salon, have the decency to at least leave a buck or two in tips per haircut.