questionsdo you still read hard cover or paperback books?


I still buy dead tree editions. I can usually get them much cheaper than the electronic editions, especially from half price books.

For actual reading I don't really have a preference. My kindle is lighter and easier to read one-handed, but I never have to wait for a paperback to charge.


I still love my books, especially the old used ones. Cracks in the spine, glue wearing out, covers dangling, and that awesome smell.

While the Kindle is easier and I do my nightly reading on that, I still like to find the time to sit under by a tree in the warm sun and escape to another world.


Yes! I actually don't care for E-Books. I spend enough time looking at computers, TVs, tablets, phones, etc. I enjoy my time with a good ol' fashioned book.


Yes, not everything is available in ebook form yet. Plus, sometimes I like to read books that I have read in the past again.


Yes and no. I have an iPad that I use for most of my reading, but I do still purchase dead-tree books. I like having print editions when I'm somewhere that I might have to just drop everything and go somewhere. I'm a volunteer firefighter and if I'm hanging out in the park by the fire hall, I want something print so I can toss it in my locker if we get a call. $10 to replace a stolen/lost/destroyed book is a lot cheaper than a new iPad. ( I've already had 1 book get destroyed because my locker got soaked while washing trucks after the call ). I'm glad it was paper:D

For most day-to-day reading, I use my iPad. I used to have a Nook, but gave it to someone that would use it more than I would after getting my iPad.


I enjoy reading on my tablet as I can resize the print. But I don;t find it as relaxing or as satisfying as reading from a book. Also, I don't have that sense of where I am in the story in a digital book. My bedroom has southern exposure, so when I first get up on weekend mornings I brew up a cup of tea and put together a plate of cookies, open the blinds and the cat and I cuddle up on the bed in the morning sunshine to read for a couple of hours while the dog lays in the sunlight pooled on the floor. In the summertime I do the same thing, but instead of reading in bed I sit in the sofa swing under my big shade tree in the back yard with my dog, cat, book, tea and cookies.


I buy and read both. I NEVER get the mass market paperback books though. I just hate how they look and feel.

I have no preference whether it's reading off my kindle or a physical copy.


I love to read, but I hardly read print books anymore. I still own them and buy new ones, but I do all my reading on my Samsung Galaxy S III with the FBReader app. Whenever I find a spare moment to read, I just pull out my phone and read. Much more convenient than carrying a paperback in my pocket, which I used to do. That stopped when I started dating my wife. It was fashionably atrocious, so she made me stop doing that.


I love my Kindle, but I am also a sucker for library book sales. So I tend to drift from electronic to hard copy. Slightly unrelated, but reading CBR files (comics) on a kindle fire is pretty fantastic. (Especially due to how expensive actual comics are)


@tctk1044 and @xarous: Agree 100%

@moondrake: Sounds like heaven!

I love the feel of a real book in my hand, the smell of the ink and paper. I love to own books - or do they own me?


Tablet, I love back lit display, no shadows. Why Should I light a whole room to read?
Resize text.
I took my tablet to dentist and I was reading, she asked if I needed my glasses, my answer was no, I have the book's text large enough so I can read it without my glasses.
I can say yeah, I read 40 pages last night before I got tired. (My digital version of the book at the text size has 4x more pages then the paperback).

I can check out books from the library when they are closed and in my bed.

I like paperbacks, digital, and audio.


Sure, there are several reasons:

(1) some books aren't available as ebooks
(2) some books are available to check out for free at the library
(3) some books I want to be able to read and not really care if I leave it behind or it gets ruined or stolen (who would bother to steal a book anymore???). For example, when an airplane is taking off and landing, at the pool or beach, on a train, bus, etc.


No, I don't buy treeware.
I use a Library.
(Remember those?)

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I'd prefer hardback because they are a little more durable and sometimes look better.


@j5: yes, yes I do. As I am typing this I am at my desk in my library and I got to say, there are still tons of people (young ones at that) That still prefer a physical book.


I don't buy digital books. I have a tablet. I go to the library to borrow books for free. I am reading through George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series as well as Patrick Rothfuss' "The Kingkiller Chronicle" series right now.

When I find a used book sale, where things are 50¢ to $1, I pick up a few books that look interesting. I just picked up A Brief History of Time, Sports Illustrated: 50 Years of Great Writing and Standard Operating Procedure for $1.50 total two days ago.


I have several hundred hardback and paperback books, and my MIL is planning to will to me her collection of over a thousand hardbacks. WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER HOUSE!!!

I have a Kindle (2nd generation) but don't use it very often anymore. I do, however, use the Kindle app on my iPhone and laptop, especially when traveling. Nice to have access to hundreds of books without actually toting them along on a plane!

However, as several people have said, I prefer the look and feel and smell of a good solid book. It makes me feel rich, somehow.


i don't know how to read. :(

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@j5: Yeah, they are doing renovations on our old library, so we have a temp library set up in a closed down Hastings. Pretty funny if you ask me.


If I'm buying new, I get the digital version if available. I do buy used books from the Library's .25 cent bin. They're mostly donations and sometimes you find some really nice stuff in there.


I buy books that I'd like to keep (mostly collections), like the Foundation series, or Ender/Bean series. Things that I plan to be one time reads I buy on the iPad. Things that aren't really great books (but are just hyped up, like A Song of Ice and Fire), I get on audible so I can listen to it on the long drive to and from work.


@j5: I live in a small town & while we have a library, it's not very accessible... The hours are 12 - 3 & 5-6 two or three days a week.

I wish I could go to the library and grab a book or two to read, but it's just not possible. I actually can read more & more easily by driving the 30 minutes to Barnes & Nobles, grabbing a book and crashing in a couch/chair there.


Although having an e-reader might be nice for travel, I could never give up my library. There's a deep satisfaction that I get from finishing a tangible tale. The smell of the paper, the gentle sound made as pages brush against one another when I turn them. There is something to be said for the deep feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that I get from picking up a book from a shelf, reading through it, and placing it on the shelf again.

That, and it will be cool to be an old man one day with my own private library. One careless spilled glass of water and an e-reader is suddenly as vulnerable as the aliens from "Signs." All I need is a bit of heat and time, and my paper book is fine again.


I do both, library and kindle.


I do both, Kindle and paperbacks. Rarely hardbacks. I have shelves of paperbacks in the basement to browse through when I don't have anything new to read. If I'm going to read a book that I think (due to the author) I'm going to want to read again sometime, I get the paperback. A lot of used books are much cheaper than ebook versions. And, big plus, I can loan them to other people.


I much prefer reading on my Kindle Paperwhite, but I still end up buying most books in paper form instead. It's just cheaper. It makes me angry.


I get thru each day with audiobooks (drive a lot). Have been an audible member for years, and love them, tho the Android app needs much work.

For reading, I go either way, often based on price. I buy a lot at Half Price Books, my favorite store. Every few years I carry boxes back to them, or give to friends to clear some space. I prefer used hardbacks to paperbacks.

E-books are still too high. If an e-book is more than a used hardback at HPB 6 months after publication, I am annoyed and will avoid the e-book. I do love the Kindle and Nook apps for Android. I love my standalone Kindle. Would use them more if I liked the prices better.

Would like recs for other Android e-reader apps.

I have a Fire that so far is rarely used, and then mostly for video. Might not keep it.

If you are a fan of audiobooks but fear the prices, take a look at the audible plans that allow you to buy credit with a subscription plan. This makes their audiobook prices much more attractive.


I use my Kindle for when I am traveling. For all other occasions, I prefer my real books and I have a room full of them. So, when the power goes out for good, I will still have something to read.


yeesh, must be some hardcore ereader fans in this thread. I was kinda surprised that my love of the written word on paper would be downvotes. *shrugs8 c'est le vie.


I have a Kindle but when I want to share a good book with my friends I need the good old kind so I buy what I can in paperback or hardback first and in Kindle edition last.


Hard core bibliophile. Though, I have a good collection of e-pubs and audio books. The audio books are great for the long driving trips that we take. Don't have satellite radio and books on tape are an excellent way to pass time.
Have a library card, too.


The only device I have to read ebooks is my iPod touch. It works and it's great for books that I can read a few (ipod touch digital) pages at a time while I'm waiting in lines or for a movie or meeting to start or something that. But, overall, I still prefer the dead tree editions. There's just something about holding the actual book in your hands, physically turning pages, seeing how far you are into the book by where the bookmark falls. Also, like other posters, I can get used books for a lot cheaper than ebooks or for free when I borrow them (again, no Kindle device, so I can't borrow them from the library or Amazon Prime).


I still read real books. I've never used a digital reader, and I don't listen to people read books to me. I like to hold it, turn the page, and feel the book in my hands. I also like to buy books at garage sales, and at the library's book store where I can come home with a stack of books. I like to borrow and lend books. As far as I know, you can't do any of those things with e-readers.

I'm sure e-readers are great, and if they get people to read who otherwise wouldn't, fantastic. But, for me... I love a good, physical, book.


love my books, need more shelves!