questionsdo you think the fresh tab should hide the number…


No one's opinion matters to me when I vote on Deals except my own. I stick to voting on the fresh pages more than any other, so a large vote count wouldn't matter one way or the other anyway.


Not of the herd mentality. I vote for deals (& questions) that appeal to me. Or those I find interesting. Never upvote or downvote because that's the trend.



Showing total votes would not matter since both of you are not influenced by the herd.

So the question stands....what is the point of showing total votes then?


@zontor: I seem to have "lack thereof"(re:thoughts). Maybe woot could give a valid reason for showing the numbers. The only thing I can think of is that showing the numbers gives members a kind of barometer on what kinds of deals/questions go popular. It might be odd to see zero numbers and 'all of a sudden' a deal/question is popular. I dunno. Sorry.


@zontor: The voting goes in an opposite direction than you might expect, though. To game the system, you'd have to know in advance which deals would become popular, and then be the first to vote. If you're the last to vote before something becomes popular, you've only added to the tally number of votes to be averaged for all those people who voted before you.

That is to say:

A deal is posted with one vote. @zontor votes on that deal, because it seems pretty good. A few moments later, @lavikinga happens along, and agrees that it's good, and adds her vote. Next @gmwhit votes it up, and now we're at four votes. Many more people vote it up, and click through the deal to check it out (and perhaps purchase it). A few comments are made on it, perhaps. It passes the magic threshold, and becomes popular, with a total vote count of 31 (just making that number up).

The clock for that deal, as far as the leaderboard is concerned, ceases to tick.



What? What on earth does that mean (you might say)?

After @zontor's vote, there are 29 votes (the original deal posted with one, and you voted it up with another). After @lavikinga, 28 votes, and so on.

If you have voted up at least five deals that others have voted on after you, then the average vote count for you divided by the total number of deals you've voted on provides that statistic seen after the person's name in the box on the leaderboard. Currently, mine says that I have an average of 10.22, but that changes often (at least for me) because I vote on things all day. It goes up, it goes down.

Some people seem to just vote on a few things, and then retire their upvotes for the day, but I like helping the good things move to the top.

Clear as mud?

[As a note, I see I voted on twelve things so far, today, starting with @faughtey's deal posted late last night.]


Advantages and disadvantages. I like the votes so I can try to game the sys... er, so I can get an idea of how good or bad a deal is before it sells out (eg. the Meritline codes that are limited to the first 200 uses).

Also, I take a harder look at deals that have higher votes.

We all know that bacon, zombie, crab, and OhCheri deals will go popular, so no information is lost by showing these votes.

As for gaming the system, I tried something like that for a few days a while back (more curiousity than aiming for a higher rep). I voted ONLY for deals that already had three or more votes since they appeared. (Then tried it with four, and five; two days in a row for each, starting at 1AM EST.)

It didn't appear to do much of anything to my rep and my Top Voter ranking sucked.

(This was before the latest algorithm changes, so maybe someone should try this again. I no longer care enough to do it.)


What @shrdlu said.

(Now that she's 'splained it, it actually makes makes sense why it doesn't work, though if you ONLY voted for OhCheri deals and got in the first vote each deal, you'd probably get pretty high.)

I'm tempted to try it, but unwilling to not participate in voting for the rest of the deals.



I don't disagree with you too much.

However, as a lark after the reformulation of 'reputation' (or whatever you want to call it) I voted on deals in Fresh with 5 or more votes and my reputation jumped 10 points and is still climbing. Most of those deals were of little interest to me. I just don't have the time in the day to spend browsing this site for more than a few minutes. I also don't worry too much about my reputation here but then again, who doesn't want to be part of the 'cool' kids?

I'm just throwing out the idea of treating the fresh tab like the t-shirt voting. There's a fog for the higher voted entries to avoid the herd effect (both up and down).

I suspect voting on 'Fresh' is one of the faster ways to increase reputation (as you had mentioned elsewhere too).

I can see both sides of the coin here too.


@zontor: You are speaking of reputation in general, while I was speaking specifically of that portion of the Leaderboard known as "Today's Top Voters" (and that may explain the discontinuity between what you are asking, and what has been answered, up until now).

It is quite true that voting will increase your reputation, which is as it should be. I suspect that heavy downvoting may also count against you. I note that people who engage in in, and have 100+ pages of downvotes, are not in the top fifteen, at least not until they abandon the practice. Just as it is truly better to give than to receive, it's better to vote up, than down.

I point out that your reputation is 48/100, and that the rise at the lower ranks is swift, according to your positive activity. You will find it slows once you achieve a purple triangle, and crawls at a snail's pace once it turns black. Even @theflounder has 38/100, with almost no activity (up from 9/100 on the day the last question was posted).


Good idea. Hide votes on something until it's X hours old.... IMHO a good "X" is like 2 hours.