questionscan i buy a recalc?


No, you cannot. You're liable to usurp me, and I like where I am.



The leaderboard is worse than useless right now. It's maddeningly wonky, touchy, and finicky. The littlest bit of activity, good or bad, has bizarrely large effects on the score, but then the score doesn't recalculate for a week so the result is a board full of stale strangeness.

If a day's activity, or inactivity, can move a score several whole percentage points and change one's rank by dozens of places, it seems odd to not calculate those effects for a week at a time.

@shawnmiller @josefresno

Your toy is broken.


I've got to go with @dosquatch on this one. It's broken. The good thing about the leaderboard was that it provided nearly instant feedback on behavior. Something that's only recalculated every few days isn't feedback at all. There's no pointer that says "do this, don't do that" and I always thought that was the main purpose of it.


Apparently, the needles update quite often, but the score does not. At least that's what I've gleaned from other post by the powers that be.


@dosquatch: psst...Vote {But choose wisely, for while good vote will bring you reputation, a poor vote (or no vote) might take it from you.}