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For those buzz-killing moderators, who will surely remove your tags, they were "thanks" and "agingdragqueen" (who is, I point out, neither aging, nor a drag queen).

What a pleasant thing to see this afternoon, and I'm so glad that the option @agingdragqueen suggested worked for you.

You may not hear back from her right away, considering how busy life is during Woot Offs, but I'm sure your email from the question will make her smile.

{I love that "buzz-killing" phrase. It goes with guns, and wine, and even tag deleting. ;-) }


@shrdlu: I'm here! And hello to you!

And, @pitamuffin- I'm so glad it worked for you. It's the only thing that kept my otherwise healthy kitty going in the right place.


@agingdragqueen: Wait, is this for cats who pee on carpets and not in litter boxes? Oh my, I think I need to know about this. What is it and where can I get it?


@dergage: exactly! They have an additive you can sprinkle on top of your normal litter (which I preferred as it was cheaper) or a clump litter that was also good.


@dergage: That's exactly what it is for. This is the website:

I bought it at Petsmart. It's a bit more expensive than other brands, but worth every penny!


@agingdragqueen: @pitamuffin: That is amazing. I just ordered some. And it works? I was just thinking I was gonna have to take my cat to a sanctuary. Thanks you guys!


@dergage: it worked for my cat(s), but I can't promise it's flawless. If you've made sure to get your kitty tested for kidney issues (or even arthritis since some have trouble stepping into the litter box because of the pain)- then try it out!


Wow! This is SO heart-warming. Hugs to @pitamuffin for letting us know it is working. And hugs to @agingdragqueen for taking the time to suggest it! Nice to have warm fuzzies here instead of cold pricklies. <---An old out-dated term befitting this situation.


I'd only previously known of various handshaking protocols, but it looks like there's also a Hug Over Internet RFC:


Hugs for the mods are always better than punches.


I think woot should give agingdragqueen a raise!

Every once in awhile woot hires someone fantastic and drag queen is one of the best!

btw, I'm not real staff, just a vol mod. I view her from a customer point of view.


shrdlu wrote: "(who is, I point out, neither aging, nor a drag queen)"

I hate to break it to you, but we're all aging. All the time. And it's pretty much going to end the same way for all of us.

If, as they say, "Nothing's certain but death and taxes," aren't you glad that the death rate of rich people doesn't go down every time Congress meets?


@ausbun: Hah! You may be aging, young pup, but I am not. Sure, the years continue on, apace, but both @agingdragqueen and I are ageless.

I point out that some people seem old at 25, and others remain young and full of life. Betty White and George Burns are two fine examples.

Life is ever changing, and new each and every day.


We don't condone that kind of thing around here!


I'm late to this party but love the topic and can't resist chiming in.

@pitamuffin: So glad to hear you can save your kitty from having to leave your home. We are cat-less right now, but MIL still has one I gave her several years ago and is starting to have the same problem, so I am all over @agingdragqueen's suggestion! Thanks for posting and thanks to @agingdragqueen for sharing the info. It's so nice to see that this place can be such a supportive community, and wonderful to find that WootStaff cares about us Wooters!

@gmwhit: Shout-out for the Transactional Analysis reference!

@ausbun: Thumbs up on the Death and Taxes comment. I suspect that Congress would do just that if they could.