questionsare you one of the "honest 200"?


First in regards to your initial question: I have yet to receive an email, so if they already sent them, I'm just outta luck :).

To me however, the most interesting part of all of this is the lack of crap! I mean seriously, all week last week woot gave away 10 PIECES of crap, not even Bags/Boxes.

Then they have a game, a game dedicated to an entire day of the woot-off (and another today) with only 200?? Its my understanding that on a typical woot-off anywhere from 2500-3000 of them are sold. I can see where the cheating/canceling order thing is coming from, but the larger picture would be that after an entire day of sitting at a computer, putting hours of work into it, the reward less than 20% of the people that they normally would. I don't like that. And if another SOLD-OUT screen is all I have to look forward to today then I'm just gonna pass, I learned a valuable lesson from @mkentosh yesterday. Don't waste your time. :)


Why yes... yes, I am one of the Honest 200.

Ah hell, I lied....


Also not sure if you came up with it or not, but Crap-Gate 2012 is hilarious! Great tag choice!


"Honest 200"? This is a freakin' pirate-themed derby.

I didn't make any attempts at trying to get a BoC, but as an outside observer, woot, along with every one of the "Honest 200" is demonstrating every definition of "lilly-livered" in this situation. Grow a pair and admit that you were beaten by true pirates.

The only place where these "Honest 200" would deserve anything, in my opinion, is Communist China.


I am so happy I abandoned the treasure hunt early on yesterday.


@studerc: Thanks :)
@dmaz: The problem is that it was posted for anyone to see whether or not they worked on putting the map together or not. I doubt more than a handful figured it on their own... regardless stop taking my thread off topic! :)


Wow... this got shot down quickly.


@dmaz: You know who is president of the US, right? I think this nation is perfect for the "Honest 200".


No, but I also wasn't one of the "other" 153.