questionscan you help me answer an hdtv video question?


It would help a lot if you supplied the make and model.
Maybe someone will have the same one.


@nmchapma: Please look at page 22 of your owners manual, under Digital
Natural Motion.
I have a LG and have it turned it off to eliminate the picture blur.

Also look here :
to contact Philips support.


Their "Chat Now" is open now if you want to try asking them.
It would be worth a try to me.


@computiac: i'll take a look tonight, Since this is the first TV of this type I've had I wasnt sure what to even look for in the manual

i downloaded the manual and I bet that is my problem. thanks!


@nmchapma: You're welcome. Hope it fixes the problem.
Maybe you can post back if it works or have another question.



This is known as the "Soap Opera" effect, and it drives me crazy, but most people don't notice it. Anytime I am at somebodies house that has it on, I point it out, then fix it (with their permission) It is absolutely the Motion settings. Works really well for sports, everything else not so much.

Google "tv soap opera effect" for more info.


This happened to us on our 55" Samsung several years ago. The lord of the rings bluray looked like it was filmed on a cheap set because things were too clear. As others suggested, play with the settings. I can't remember what we wasn't game mode, but it was some similar setting to that natural movement thing others talked about.


LCD screens can't natively display the same number of colors as say an old CRT PC monitor -- they try to make up for that in the electronics. As others have posted there are different modes & such, not totally unlike a PC monitor, that effect what you see, sometimes quite a bit.

Another contributing factor could be that you were watching a DVD. 1) The colors weren't as exact, &/or there weren't as many colors, because they weren't needed. 2) If you connected over component rather than HDMI, there are no color standards for component, so the player &/or the TV could be off in that respect. 3) While the DVD picture was most likely upscaled, there's another setting meant to control the aspect ratio, e.g. fill the width when you're watching a standard 4:3 program. If you set that control to increase the height & width, e.g. for a letterboxed 4:3 program, most every HDTV I've seen will show more picture degradation.


@computiac: That fixed it. I tried a few dvds and streaming settings and they all look normal again.


@lichme: I had heard of it but hadn't thought much about it. I've also never watched a Soap Opera. After your post I looked it up and found people describing the same problem. Thanks for putting a name on it.


@nmchapma: Great, thank's for posting back.
Maybe this will help someone else in the future with the same problem.