questionsare you happy the kids are going back to school…


Now my wife can go back to working full time and ease some of the financial stress. Fortunately my wife has a job that is very flexible, so, when then the kids are on summer break she works less.


I don't my my daughter being around. She's low maintenance and I like being able to have lunch with her. But, school is important and I'm happy she'll hopefully be learning some new things.

I have no plans. I telecommute as it is, so no real change in my schedule.


I don't have kids, so the start of school doesn't really affect my schedule. What it does affect is the number of short people in the stores when I'm running errands on my off-Fridays. I love kids and, when the opportunity presents itself and I'm not in a hurry, I like to interact with them a little in the stores (making funny faces at them in the checkout lines, helping them reach the cool Lego sets in the toy aisle, offering to tie a shoe when a Mom is visibly overloaded, etc). But, when I'm in a hurry, I admit, I prefer to just run in and get what I want and, sometimes, dodging little people or big people dealing with their little people can get a little frustrating.
Mom used to say that the best part about us kids going back to school was being able to grocery shop in peace again. I understand what she means now. :)


Here in NY, school is still more than a month away: it starts September 6 for my daughter in high school and I'm fairly sure the younger ones start no more than a day or two earlier.

While I actually like having my daughters around (and did so when they were younger), I do understand the whole "grocery shopping in peace" thing. I try to shop in the evenings whenever possible so as to avoid other people (and their kids).


I drive through a couple of school zones on the way to work so I will have to go back to adding time for them. Also, in the first few weeks, traffic is always a mess as people try to figure out their schedule and the best way to run their new morning routines.


No changes here. My kids are old enough to fend for themselves during the summer, and my job is steady year-round.