questionschallenge: heart rate monitor


What are you hoping to gain from a heart rate monitor?
If you're working out at the gym, does the equipment you'll be using have the ability to check your heart rate?

I've found that through using the heart rate monitors on the cardio equipment at my gym throughout my workout and correlating that to how hard I feel like I'm working, I can predict my heart rate within about 5bpm at any given time during my workout. Took a bit to get to that point, but it also became a bit of a game to entertain myself during workouts. Anything to make the time go by faster.


@gt0163c: I'm working out at home, actually. Giving P90X a go. I'm not looking for anything super accurate, just a ballpark number so I can know whether I'm actually working hard enough, or if I should be pushing myself further


Never challenge a heart rate monitor, ever! Unless it's to a drinking contest, they suck at those.


@hossdawg97: It looks like it could be alright, but I'm a wee hesitant simply because many other HRMs I've seen have a little sensor thing at the bottom of the wrist.

I'm sure I'm just being nitpicky, but this seems to be the only one (or one of very few) that lack it..

I'm going to see if I can't find any reviews on it, though. Thanks!