questionshow do you store your honey?


I hear honey pot and I think of a Dirty Jobs not the same thing though.

We store it in the fridge in a squeeze bottle. Nothing special, but it works.


You do not need to refrigerate Honey... after all... the bees don't :)

Using a honey pot with the little drizzler thing is great. No double dipping, easy to clean. Just make sure your honey pot is in an area where its not going to get knocked over.


@spacezorro: Whipped honey, yes! I didn't know it was possible to make whipped honey, but now I think I need to give it a shot. Thanks for the link!

I usually just leave the honey in a cabinet in the original container and we use a spoon to scoop it out, but this jar is huge and inconvenient so I'm looking for another option.


I've heard a good place to keep honey is on top of the fridge; the top is nice and warm, yet out of the way, so it is kept from crystallizing and is smooth and soft when you want to use it!


I like keeping honey in a squeeze bottle. No need to dip a spoon in at all.

If you just want something decorative, this is nice


A half bottle of Stoli and she packs up just fine!


I have a honey pot that is made out of beeswax. It was a gift and it works great.


Suggestion: NOT like this.

Honey doesn't need to be in the fridge unless you've diluted it with water.

I keep mine on the counter in the kitchen (or on the dining room table) in a (right side up) squeeze bottle that holds about a pint. I've refilled this bottle a few times from other less convenient containers (wide mouth jars and bottles).


I usually just give it to my newborn child.


For those who don't do NOT give honey to anyone under the age of 1.


@mellielou: Actually I think a child under the age of 2 shouldn't have honey. My son just turned 2, and one of his gifts was a tube of flavored honey.


I usually just let her go wherever she wants to.


I meant to delete the comment but got side tracked and forgot . NEVER GIVE HONEY TO THE has to do with botulinium toxin
Please tattle my previous comment


Squeeze bottle in a cupboard. No problems.


I keep my honey handcuffed in the closet. When she's not cooking me dinner.