questionsso, is the "top" tab ever coming back?


What a coincidence that the top popular ATC question right now has 5 votes and only 1 reply(by the poster no less) in 8 hours.


I would like to add that whoever downvoted my honest response can kiss my redneck ass. Just sayin'.


@jsimsace: I agree 100% I just gave you an up vote to cancel out the loser that voted you down. It was probably the guy who had the top popular atc question at the time you posted!


@btalarczyk: Thanks, upvote returned. I don't think that it was cengland0 because he is a casual member, much like myself. He doesn't give a sh!t what his ranking is. It was probably just a drive-by downvote or someone that I pi$$ed off. Either way, they can still kiss my redneck ass. :)