questionscan somebody help me with las vegas hotels?


Ellis Island Restaurant is a great, famously inexpensive and good off-strip restaurant in Vegas.

It's located in a Super 8 motel.

I haven't ever stayed there, as we have a Vegas timeshare on the strip across from the new City Center. But if I was looking for a cheap place to sleep in Vegas that would be my first look.

From a Yelp review:
Ellis Island is the Vegas dream! Everyone hears stories of cheap steak and eggs or prime rib, but Ellis Island is the definitive Vegas Value!

Not only is the food damn good, but it's a bargain!


Prime Rib Dinner w/ baked potato and a beer under $14.

Steak Dinner w/ Sides and a beer under $9.

Whole Rack of Ribs w/ 3 sides under $14.

Chicken and 1/2 Rack of Rib Combo w/ 3 sides under $14.

These meals can definitely feed you for lunch or dinner with leftovers for drunk munchies late at night.

For a complete Vegas experience, check this place out!


I stayed at Excalibur about 4 years ago, it was fine for a place to crash, but we were on the ground floor so all the casino smoke wafted into the hallways (and I was a smoker at the time), and our window looked into the parking lot. That and I had to yank the AC filter that was so clogged it wasn't spitting out airflow.
(once I got the filter off and the airflow improved, the room cleared up). A non hvac person could just call the front desk and I bet it'd be fixed very quickly.

Would I consider it again if I wanted to stay on the strip? Yep, it was better then many cheap places I've stayed in the past.


Could I help you? Why yes, yes I can.

I strongly recommend the Extended Stay hotels (which I have stayed at).

They are very reasonable, the beds are comfy, and they were nice to me. I hate all the hotels that have casinos in them (you are funneled from your room through the casino to get to anything).

I've stayed at this one:

Extended Stay America - Las Vegas - Valley View
4270 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Tel: (702) 221-7600 | Fax: (702) 221-7601 | Email:

It's very near the Rio (which is on Valley View, but across the street).


If you've got kids, then definitely Excalibur. Lots of things to do inside the hotel for kids, plus you can easily walk to the M&M store, Coca-Cola World and there's also a giant game arcade in that complex as well. You can easily walk to Luxor as well, lots of cool things for kids to see there, and there's the Rainforest Cafe at MGM (at least I think it's still there.)

Excal is also better for families because the crazy party people tend to avoid it. Excal has always seemed cleaner and nicer overall compared to CC. Yes, it will smell of smoke, but so will the lobby of every major hotel in the city. Another rule of thumb is that if you're walk outside with the kids at night, HOLD THEIR HANDS! The sidewalks get very congested.


Try this. Go to At the top of the page , click on reseervations (it is a text link), then select Las Vegas and all Las Vegas casinos. After that choose the All Las Vegas Casinos Calendar option, enter the start date and you will see a listing of all the Harrahs/Ceasars properties and rates in an easy to read list.

You should be able to get good rates at Harrahs, Imperial Palace, The Flamingo, Bally's, and The Rio. Also, these casinos never charge a hidden resort fee.

I would stay away from staying at Imperial Palace (fun casino with the Dealertainers) and The Rio is located off the strip.

Also, at Harrah's is the Mac King comedy/magic show. Fun for all ages and it is inexpensive and an afternoon show. Mac King Review on Yelp


Oops! The yelp link didn't work and too late to edit/remove it.


First of all, thanks for the tips guys! I forgot to mention that we have been in Vegas a few times, this isn't my first, but this is my first for my grandmother who just moved here recently. We'd thought that we'd bring her around since she deserves a little break.

@moondrake: I'll check that restaurant and hotel out. That does kind of remind me of the restaurant Terrible's have upstairs, they serve steak, prime rib, country fried steak and whole lot of other things for just ten bucks each.

@spikedknight: If we do end up at Excalibur (my parents are leaning towards that more because it's cheaper and its right on the strip but I figured the quality goes out the window somehow for the price), I'm crossing my fingers that we do get a really good view and not lame.

@shrdlu: I'll take a look on that too.

@elforman: No! I don't have kids, but I have younger siblings, conservative parents and grandmother. I'd hate to see them witness the crazy peeps.

@bill7718: I'll check that out too.


If you've got a car, I'd recommend the Orleans. Its a quick drive to the strip, but farther than I would want walk.

My family (me, my wife, and our 10 year old) spent several days there this summer while visiting family. Nothing fancy, but the rooms were clean, the beds were comfortable, and the pool was nice but not too crowded. We paid around $35 a night.

We would not hesitate to stay there again.

Oh, and allow me to "second" bill7718's recommendation of Mac King. We saw three shows during our stay Le Reve ($100 tickets) O ($100 tickets) and Mac King ($25 tickets) You can guess which one my kid liked the best. We all really enjoyed it, it really is a fun for all ages show.


Also, in regards to staying on the strip, while driving the streets is slow and can be stressful if you are uncomfortable driving through a sea of pedestrians, we had no trouble at all finding free parking in the casino parking garages the last time we were there with a car. I expected we'd be paying through the nose, but it seemed like everywhere we went the parking was free. I guess they figure to make it easy for you to get in the door where they can fleece you once you are inside. So staying off-strip isn't necessarily a bad choice, if you are planning to do most things as a group. If your family is the sort that tends to each go their own way then it's probably better to stay right on the strip.


Have you considered getting a free or super cheap room in exchange for a time share spiel? Most of the time shares offer some very reduced rate packages with a couple of hotel nights, a show or two and a meal or two if you are willing to sit through a couple of hours of hard sell at some point in the trip. My friend and I actually go to a couple of these when we are in Vegas because we like looking at the properties and they treat you pretty royally as long as they think you are going to buy something. I don't recommend buying one, if I could phone myself in the past I'd tell me not to bite even though the one we bought was a great deal. The annual fees are killer. But it's a suite with bedroom, living room, dining room and full kitchen. There's a courtesy bus and a concierge. It's nice to have someplace to stay right on the strip which isn't a hotel, doesn't have all the choking smoke, and everyoneis an "owner", which is a different mindset than a hotel guest.


@rustybender: I just checked the Orleans, they're booked for the weekend I'm looking for. :( As for Mac King, I just checked him out on YouTube and indeed is really great! I remembered about six years ago watching " V " and it was pretty great.

@moondrake: Yeah, when I went there last spring break there weren't that much people (lucky me) and the parking was indeed free thinking that I'd be paying big bucks just to park. There was this hotel we went to about six years ago but I forgot what was the name of it but it was like right next to the monorail. I'll see if Google maps can find it..

As for time shares, yup. Done that about four years ago for a free all-day pass, food, and gambling money at Circus Circus. That thing was particularly traumatizing because they are very pushy while we were there, and we were there for at least three hours (we were there longer) with them touring the site and haggling prices, even though a NO wouldn't let you go and they keep asking questions why.


@joshobra: Yeah, for some people the hard sell is more socially difficult than others. When I was vacationing in China I had to teach a class to my tour group on how to politely turn away street vendors. No matter how mean or rude my fellow tourists were the street vendors would persist, while I would politely tell them no thanks and they would go away. With the time-share folks it's just a matter of going in knowing that you are trading your time for the goodies they are offering and seeing it as like an interactive show all it's own, the American Hard Sell Show.


If you have a car another option I'd suggest is staying at one of the hotels on the "old strip" by downtown Las Vegas. It's not terribly far from the current strip and things tend to be cheaper. The golden nugget has a pool that I think most kids could die for (has a water slide that runs right through a shark tank), and the Fremont Street "Experience" is pretty neat if you've never gone. I'd say it's pretty family friendly overall but with the street performers YMMV (but easily avoidable) and your kids might like the Canopy light show there (Giant screen that runs along the street). Based on a trip there this summer I'd suggest looking at the Plaza Hotel & Casino. I met up with a couple of friends who stayed there who had decent rooms (non smoking) which were recently renovated and they payed less than I did (well under $100 a night)!


@elforman: Going to reply to my own post as I just learned from a friend who lives there that the Gameworks arcade in the Coca-Cola/M&M World complex has closed up. I'll miss it as it was a good place to kill time with kids for a while, and also show off just how rad their dad used to be at Asteroids. (They were not impressed.)

Actually, my favorite memory was when my 9yo son wanted to play some kind of shooting game. He slid his card, hefted up the gun and couldn't hit anything. He thought it was broken. My 12yo daughter thinks he just has bad aim and decides to give it a try herself. She hits everything in sight, casually killing anything that needs to be killed, avoiding those that don't, and racking up an "Expert" ranking. My son is in tears thinking he's terrible and I'm afraid my daughter is going to grow up to be an assassin...