questionswhat kind of shirt.woot quilt should i makeā€¦


Of course I vote for the cat quilt. Please post a picture of it when you get done! :)


I would lean more towards having some sort of theme; for the amount of work you'll be putting into it, you'll want a result that'll be spectacular on its own. If that's not feasible, then at least target the majority of the shirts going into it to be themed. No doubt, random is much easier, but odds are you'll end up with a quilt made up of many less-liked designs instead.

That all said, how close are you to thrift shops? Hit them at least once a week, and eventually you will find some. Do expect to leave empty handed more often than with shirts; they're still not that commonly found.


Sounds like a fun project!
Is it for your own enjoyment or are you doing it for a fund-raiser or something?

I could probably get some randoms to you that I don`t want. I never seem to get around to trying to trade them and it would be cool to see them put to use somehow.


@narfcake: i live in a town with 17 thrift stores, and have found one woot shirt in the last 10 years. also i took a trip to see my sister end of last month, i went to six large cities with many, many thrift stores in them (that's what i did while she went to work) and i went thru every shirt rack they had. i found not a single woot shirt available.


Cat theme! Then off to eBay to milk us all for some cash :)


Well, the first quilt would be for myself. If I like how they turn out, there is a cat rescue that I send stuff to on occasion. She would be able to sell them to benefit her rescues.

I do have 2 thrift stores locally, so I will check them out. If no luck there, I'll be watching the trade forum and I guess, just to see what I can find.

I fully plan on posting pics when it is done, but it may be towards the end of November as this is my first time trying to make a quilt, and I'm not sure how crazy it's going to make me, lol! (I can be pretty crazy planning a layout and stuff even with scrapbooking, I can't imagine a quilt, lol).


I also vote for a cat theme :) Do you have your pattern/method picked out? My aunt, who is constantly quilting, recently finished a tshirt quilt. I'm not sure what pattern she used but I can find out if you would like. Also, I think I may have a shirt for you, I will check when I get home tomorrow.


@mkdr: No specific method or pattern picked out yet. I've been looking into different ones, and will probably pick out the one I'm doing when I actually pick the theme. Leaning towards a cat theme though, just love cats too much not to!

If you can let me know the pattern she used, it would be great, I'll put it in my design ideas folder on the computer :)


@moosezilla: My find rate isn't that low, but more often than not, a trip will yield zero. With enough visits, they will show up; it's how I ended up with this really horrible beta.shirt.woot.

@baybei: If this is the first time, I'd practice on some scrap knit material before cutting up irreplaceable Woot shirts. If your local thrift shop has "rag bags", pick one up, cut them up, and practice first.

(Nowhere near as involved, but I'll be doing that before I cut down/resize my older oversized shirts. I don't have a serger here; just a sewing machine.)


I also intend to make a shirt.woot quilt to display as a wall hanging. I want to use the designs that represent shirt.woot and my time there: Nevermore, Binge, Artichokey, Just a Little Paint, Unstealthiest Ninja, Some Motivation Required, the blurry question mark shirt, a ! woot shirt, and Bandolier of Carrots. I've thought about including Imposter; a friend has a copy of World Nom-ination from a BoC - he wants to hold a bonfire, but I'm tempted to include it. I want to look at this wall hanging and have it narrate a story: Some Motivation Required is how I found shirt.woot; Just a Little Paint is probably my most worn shirt; Artichokey got me through a difficult time in my life; even Imposter and World Nom-ination are a part of the shirt.woot story. If I can figure out how, I'd like to include a square with numbers and "DSR" and "Wreckoning" and "Derbey" as well - because that's my story of shirt.woot.


As for the second part of your question, about getting duplicates of the shirts that you'd like to use: I posted a request on shirt.woot in May and someone sold me Binge on AA. @narfcake posted that he'd bought six copies of Unstealthiest Ninja because he'd "saved" it several times, so I PM'd him, thinking that he'd be thrilled to sell a copy. Yeah, not so much... Out of that exchange, I ended up with a narfcake, but still no Unstealthiest Ninja. :) And that's the current status of my shirt.quilt-acquisition effort!


Random, because that's what shirt.woot is.


Personally, I'm a fan of kitties. I would make a kitty-themed one first, for yourself. You can always do a random or other themed one later.

Be sure to post pictures!



I just might have an extra one of these sitting around...

If its something you may use ill take the time to look.


@darkinc: Oh great! I sure could use that!

It looks like I'm going with a themed shirt.woot quilt. And, of course, kitties, lol!~

I'm going to start picking up shirts where I can. I'll keep my eyes open at thrift stores, and check teetrade and here for various shirts I can use, aside from the couple I already have. I'll also start testing quilting with random shirt fabrics first (non-printed cheap shirts, lol!), because someone suggested that. It sounds like a smart idea, and sadly, I hadn't thought of it, so I'm glad someone did :)

I only have a regular sewing machine, though there is a way to adjust it for things like quilting I believe. I can't wait, this is going to be fun!~


I can't wait for the pictures! :)