questionsmy garmin gps in the car just died. should i…


I have owned both Garmin and TomTom units and prefer the software on the Garmins and the hardware quality of the TomToms.

Bringing price into the equation makes it easier - you can get the equivalent features on a TomTom unit for way less than Garmin.


@durkzilla: Price is not a huge deciding factor because I can justify the $$$ for something that will last hopefully another 5 years. Within reason of course.


@jimmyd103: I would just update your phone instead. I don't know anyone who doesn't use an iphone or android for this purpose. Both of them have apps that just do this. My daughter has hers set to do turn by turn instructions, with voice. Very convenient, just like the fancy GPS systems, and no worries about the maps being updated.

The only time I can see a pure GPS device being an improvement over that is if you need directions, and have no signal to your phone, and haven't already downloaded what you needed ahead of time.


@shrdlu: That would require me to update my outdated cellphone and have to sign-up for a data plan.
Sorry I'm living in the stone age on purpose.


@jimmyd103: LOL... I'm the same way... No overpriced data plan please...
I purchased a Garmin 265WT since it had bluetooth for hands free phone use... The new replacement GPS unit fro the 265WT also has free updates for life... Search for the Garmin 265wt on amazon and there should be a note that there is a newer model available...


If you have iphone go with waze app.