questionsthe truth de google buy motorola?


I'll be the first to say that this question is pretty dang legit.


A joke? Something must be lost in the Chinese to French to English translation.


@sykotek: I actually did find the joke quite funny.

It basically says that they asked for a phone and got the whole company instead. One of the caveats of owning a multi-billion dollar industry.


@yangpan168: I'm from America and I just didn't get your joke because, as I said, the delivery is off due to the translation.

@coolphilip04: How you managed to get that from what was're amazing.


@sykotek: yes you are right, it is translation ,because my english is very poor。so I apologize to everyone


@yangpan168: maybe you would prolly spell bettar english without wearing your green hat


@yangpan168: You have indeed made a funny joke. I suggest that you don't post more deals from the French site you are using, however.

Please pay close attention to this very well meant (and well phrased) comment:

I found your joke to be funny as well, and will be happy to share it with others. :-D