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I forgot to mention, I called paypal and they refunded my money in less than 30 seconds too.


@mkentosh: Thank you for reporting back; I'm glad to hear you got a full refund. I suspect the guy you talked to is now out of a job and probably not given to cordiality under the circumstances, alas.


Thanks for the update - so glad you got a refund!


This is good information for anyone who has an order pending with them.


@hossdawg97: yep, call your credit card company or paypal asap!


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It is one thing to go out of business. But then to tell people who call that if they want a refund, to take it up with their credit card...that's just stupid. You know you're going to get chargeback fees out the wazoo, right? And if you think fine, I'll just not pay them...these are credit card companies. I would say they will find you, but they don't need to. They know where you are before you get there.

I never had a problem with them other than I agree, it did take a bit too long for them to get around to shipping your order...and the 8 pounds of pens wasn't quite 8 pounds (but seriously, when you're looking at 300-500 pens, who's going to say anything?), but overall I thought they were OK.

A damn shame, wonder what happened to make them go out in flames rather than just closing down. Homelava work there or something?


@stile99: if the company is bankrupt, they have no funds to issue a refund. Any assets will be dealt with by the courts in order to pay creditors. Paypal or your credit card company are the ONLY ways to get a refund.


@kamikazeken: Perhaps not taking orders Tuesday evening, knowing they were closing the doors and claiming they were bankrupt Wednesday morning would have been a more wise course for them. There's no need to issue a refund when you don't sell items you don't have to sell, and don't charge people before the item ships.

No. We can call this an innocent case of yet another company going bankrupt in a bad economy, but that's not what has happened here.


ugh, I had orders with them that had been pending for 6+ weeks - I don't even know where they are on my credit card statements anymore. Is spending an hour searching for them the only way to get my $ back?


All things shall come to pass. Graveyard was operating on a wing and a prayer as it was. Occasionally they had some really great bargains. They sold whatever they got a truckload of, as do most bargain bin stores. I'm sure they were stuck with a ton of crap that never would sell. Oh well -- next!

Someone mentioned credit cards charging all kinds of chargeback fees. I've never heard of nor paid any such fee when getting a refund or filing a dispute. Perhaps your credit is really bad, or you have a disreputable credit card bank and that's why you've experienced, "chargebacks". Anyway, if you've got an open item, contact your credit card company and ask to file a dispute. You'll get better results doing that than you would straight from the seller anyway. If you use Paypal, they too have a dispute resolution department that will get your money back. It's all part of doing business with a bargain bin company. They frequently go out of business.


@kamikazeken: One of the perks of paying to use a credit card is letting them deal with this sort of thing. It's part of doing business with them.


@stile99: I agree... it's far from innocent. A responsible thing would be to send out a mass email to their customers informing them of the situation. At the very least, contact those with pending orders -- even if it's not to offer a refund, at least give an apology and tell them to contact their payer. It is now august and I just realized that I have a pending $200+ order from 4/25/13 that never arrived. It sounds like they disappeared just days after my order so they must have known about their demise. Hence it was fraud to process the order. That's how I found this page. I hope it's not too late to contact Paypal.


Let me just resurrect this necro-thread to add - I gave graveyardmall a tagged email address when I got stuff from them, all those years ago. I've been getting "Russian dating/bride" spam to it recently - and now I know why :P Guess their mailing list must have come into the hands of spammers in some fashion...