questionsdoes woot give to charities? who does?


Have you checked with your local major league sports team? They have always been very generous to me in the past. I have never received money from them but have received many, many items to put up in our annual silent auction. For many of the teams, it is not even that hard of a process, they just need a letter with your tax ID, reason and date needed by.


That's an amazing idea, especially since we're sandwiched between 2 major metropolitan areas with several teams each. Thanks!


weird as it may sound go to your local walmart (or even all of your walmarts) most have a budget of several thousand to be donated and don't have groups apply for donations. it takes time between applying and recieving, but most that apply get something (usually in the form of gift cards). i actually managed to get a 500$ donation for my church's food pantry when they were running short on food.


I agree with both posts above, whenever we need to collect items for fund raisers at our schools or local volunteer fire department, we go to the local businesses and they are always very generous. We have a Walmart that gives, an popular orchard/bakery place that gives, the local fast food restaurants always give us coupons, our Hampton Inn gives us a certificate for a night's stay, and our local gas station/convenience store gives us gas cards. We also have a local winery that gives us t-shirts and bottles of wine, and a cleaning service that donates a certificate for a few hours of house cleaning. All go over very well at the silent auctions. Good luck in your fund raising!


I have participated in fundraising for both of my boys' school. They hold yearly dinner auctions. We have received donations from Costco, Red Robin, Starbucks, Subway, Everett Silvertips (hockey), Everett Aquasox (baseball), and assorted local businesses. Just have a representative (with paperwork) walk in and speak with a manager. We received cash, gift cards, and merchandise.


I've found that restaurants are pretty generous about donating gift cards to non-profits. Other places we have had luck have included Pier One, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Starbucks. If you can find a Kiwanis (or similar group) that will take an interest in your school, they are usually kind enough to obtain raffle items, too. Good luck! Fund raising can be pretty darn labor intensive!