questionsshould i get the xbox 360 with kinect or a wii?


We went through the same debate 6 months ago. While we don't have kids, we were looking at useage and cost.

Here's what we did:

We went with the Wii because for the same cost as a Xbox/PS3 we got motion gaming, netflix (Albeit lower Resolution via Wii), and several games and controllers for the cost of just the standalone system.

Wii is definitely the cheaper way to get into the market, and Wii games are also typically cheaper. The motion control of the Wii with Motion Plus is excellent and fairly precise.

Depending on the age of your kids there are lots of titles for the younger ones, and still plenty of enjoyable games for adults.

That being said, now I want an Xbox so I can play MW3 and Battlefield 3 with my friends who own xboxes.

Final Caveat: PCs are the best gaming machines on the planet Earth.


From past questions and comments here and review/comments on the Amazon Game Console area, Xbox-360 is the way to go...
The Wii will be entertaining for a while and then interest will fade... The Xbox game selection is much larger with additional titles being added continuously..

Do more research...


I actually have both, and personally I think the Wii would be better in this case. I don't really know of a lot of good games for the kinect, but there are a lot of active games for the Wii that young children would enjoy. Plus it feels to me like the Wii was designed for a younger audience than the Xbox.

The Xbox has more versatility, and could be something they could grow into, but at 5, 4, and 2, there is plenty of time to get an Xbox later.


Also bear in mind that if you live in tight quarters the Wii will literally fit better - the Kinect needs you to be six to ten feet away depending on how tall you are.


@durkzilla: hmm. not something I had considered as I was mostly looking at games/options. There's probably enough space, but the tv is next to a wall so I'll have to read up on how that affects things.


Xbox- Great machine for RPG's and FPS's
Wii- Great machine for fans of the classics (Mario/Zelda)
Kinect- I honestly have yet to find a use for it except for the Dance Central games

Wii has better games for local multiplayer (mario-kart, Super Smash Brothers, New Super Mario Brothers, Mario Party, Warioware), but the Xbox has better multiplayer for online connectivity (FPS's, Xbox Live Arcade, etc)


@hobbitss: The wii has additional titles being added continuously as well O.o


We went through the same back and forth, and finally decided that if we're going to get a gaming system for our little ones (6 and 4), then we want them to at least be active while they're gaming.


Because of the deals this weekend I broke down and finally got the Kinect. I've owned an Xbox since they came out and love it more than any other console (I own all 3). You can get a great deal right now which makes it worth it for the whole package (Xbox and Kinect). Then you can play Just Dance 3!!! Woot Woot!


Being a college student, I have tons of personal experience with both systems. While I own an Xbox 360, I would recommend the Wii for your family. Here is why:

Xbox 360:
-Best online multiplayer with Xbox Live, but yearly membership closer to $60 per account.
-Better games available in terms of top quality (Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, Skyrim)
-Broad options of online streaming Netflix, Last.FM radio, etc.
-Possesses ability to play DVD movies.
-Expensive Accessories, wireless controllers=$50, wired controllers=$30
-Kinect sold separately, less games using Kinect, and in my experience, poorer quality of motion technology compared to the Wii.

Nintendo Wii:
-Best motion technology
-Classic Library of games, in addition to kid-oriented games (Zelda, Super Mario Franchise)
-Free Online multiplayer
-Cheaper accessories; remotes, etc
-Cheaper console cost; Perfect for being obsolete within 1-2 years.
-Games on Wii may be easier for kids to grasp, (compared to strategy required in MW3)


If you want traditional gaming where you sit down with a controller and play a game, Xbox is definitely the best option. The Kinect has a limited number of motion type games.

If you want to stand up, use motion control, etc. the Wii is probably a better option because it is cheaper and has more games geared to that.

That being said, I find that motion gaming tends to get old and feels gimmicky after a little while whereas traditional gaming can be much more enjoyable long-term. But I and my kids are the type that enjoy more of the "hard core" type games like First Person Shooters, racing games, etc.

One distinction to be aware of is that Netflix on Xbox requires that you purchase a subscription to the Xbox Live Gold Service which runs $30 to $60 per year (in addition to a Netflix subscription). The Wii is free (except for your Netflix subscription).


One thing to keep in mind is that there is no controller for Kinect. I can't tell you how many close calls we have had with out Wii remotes being flung at the TV when playing Wii bowling or similar games. Sure there is a wrist strap, but for ages 5, 4, and 2, that will only work to an extent...


I had the Wii to start off with and traded it in for an Xbox and eventually bought a Kinect

Cost: Wii wins but you can get great deals on Xboxes

Games: Xbox has better graphics and larger selection
But the Wii has more kid oriented, Xbox is always adding titles and have some for the little ones as well as the older crowd

Space: Wii has a slight edge but you can buy an adapter for the Kinect
if you have a smaller space, I have had no issues

Accessories: Xbox two controllers for some games none for use with Kinect.
Wii Wiimote and nunchuk and it does help to have two or more of each

Online Play: Wii might have a slight edge but I don't mind paying less then $40 a year for solid online gaming.

Other Uses: Xbox wins DVD player, better Netflix/Hulu res, PC connectivity

So if cost is the issue go with the Wii
If you want more out of your system and want longevity go with Xbox


I have both, my kids are 7 5 and 2.
kinect is by far the more popular choice with them, the wii basically gathers dust. the kinect has so much more potential, and you don't need any additional controllers or batteries, which is also a big plus.


@eeekdageek: I could not have said it better.


@kamikazeken: & @eeekdageek: thanks. I had been wondering if the Wii would end up going that way now & in a few years. and thanks to everybody for their pros n cons


Kinect by a long shot! Alot more features and capabilities!

Nintendo is coming out with there new system soon anyways.


I'm a little worried about M$oft being able to spy on you through their camera (Kinect)... they have admitted the capability, though not the desire, to do so... it's a little too "Welcome Big Brother" for me. Otherwise I'd probably buy one, since it would be great for tutoring.


@susanrm: Do you a camera with your PC/Laptop? If you're that paranoid about people spying on you, you should know the only way to guarantee it's off it by unplugging it, but I seriously think it's a bad reason to not buy one.


If you're looking for strictly "motion" gaming, I'd say go Wii. It's been out long so = better selection and more games.

If you're talking about overall, then the 360 wins hands down. On top of regular games they have arcade games as well as Indie arcade games.


If you have kids living at home then definitely go with the Wii. That's mostly opinion but I find the Wii to be a much more family friendly game console.


@woothulu I don't know about your computer, but mine notifies me when the camera is on. Plus I'm not running video over the Microsoft network. I rarely use my camera, in fact.

Not saying they are doing anything, but the fact that they have admitted they can, worries me a bit. But I did grow up reading books like 1984. :-)


My younger grandchildren love the wii while the older ones go for the x-box.


I'm going to echo the comments of others the Xbox caters to more of a teen to adult crowd where the Wii has definitely fills in the family market. It caters to the family market by having a lot of fun in-the-room-together multiplayer. I haven't actually compared the game offerings between the Wii and Xbox, but that's the feeling I get, and with three kids you'll want them to be able to play together.

Also, Zelda is awesome.


Since we got Kinect a year ago, the Wii rarely gets used in our family.


@susanrm: I work in the security industry, and lets just say it's very easy to make it look like your camera is on/off when in fact it's the opposite.

Most of the techs I wor with recommend covering the cam with scotch tape when not in use.


With 3 kids at 5,4, and 2, I'd definitely recommend the Wii as it's pretty much unanimously considered the more family-oriented console. If cost is an issue it also has a lower cost of ownership as the online service, while somewhat basic, is free instead of $60/year for Xbox. You can also watch Netflix through it is that's your thing. Oh, and as someone else mentioned games are generally cheaper for the Wii too.


I have to say Wii. While I may be biased (I own only a Wii), I've done demos of the Xbox 360 (and PS3, if it matters) and I was dying to get back to my Wii after 15+ minutes. If you are looking for a great family console to play with the relatives, the kids, or even the crazy neighbors down the street who just want to have fun, this is the console for you. As a plus, it is the cheapest on the market right now thanks to the upcoming Wii U.


my husband taped a piece of paper over his laptop camera as soon as it left the box, Big Brother is watching you!


Our kids have been playing Xbox Kinect for a few months now. While it is not perfect, I have to say they really really love it. The main thing is the range of physical activity they get to do. Even the toddler in the house is able to get some fun out of it.
Here is a comparison we used.


actully most games were invented for the wii and xbox made it for xbox like just dance 3 was for wii and on xbox you can't play guitar hereo


I like wii better for rpg games like ratatouille on wii version it was much easyier and funner but on xbox 360 it is hard like the part where u need to get in to the resturaunt u would speed up in to the place but u cant in xbox its muddy and the dog is usally big but in xbox its small I prefer wii with rpg and sometimes xbox