questionsdid woot sell a barbie jet?


It's not just you. Our daughter got a Barbie plane several years ago. It was awful. Teeny tiny coke cans and even tinier ice cubes. They were lost in a few minutes. The doors and wings kept falling off. What a disaster of a toy. It is a shame if they are still selling this same giant, pink, plastic piece of junk. Sorry you're stuck with one. Looks like they sell for upwards of $80 online. That is insane. Maybe it can be returned for something well constructed?



I believe so. I remember thinking that this (and maybe a Barbie cruise ship?) was as disproportionate from reality as the doll itself. :)


@caron7: That's the one. $120 @

I know Mom's passwords; she didn't get it from Amazon nor She probably got it at a brick & mortar TRU. It's beyond the point of return. It's open, assembled, and box long gone. Plus, it'd break my daughter's heart to get rid of it. I think I'll just give Mattel a call and complain.

I'm not expecting anything out of it, but I'd like to be heard. If they'd like to win me back, 50% of the purchase price in store credit would work. It's not even worth $40-60, but at least then if I'd purchased it, I'd expect it to be junk.


@fgarriel: Sorry you are stuck with this. We were stuck with ours - in various states of disrepair- for years before our daughter would give it up. It's a learning moment for your Mom that price is not an indicator of quality and she should check the reviews. As your daughter gets older, Mom will need to run the gift selection by you anyway, because you will already have EVERYTHING imaginable. You can steer her towards American Girl - good quality, they stand by anything that breaks, but pricey.