questionscan you return a game you bought on amazon in…


so you want to know if we can give you advice for committing fraud? u betcha! the barcodes are the same but i think there are other ways they'll catch ya - so be sure to let us know how that works out for ya!


Try it, dog. Say gretchena from Woot told you it was Okay.

If they give you a hard time, say you got 1 as a present and must have mixed them up.


@gretchena: I fail to see where replacing an item with an item of exactly the same condition, same quality, and same specification constitutes as fraud. Plus I'm giving them free shrink wrap!


Its not fraud to change your mind (all they can accuse you of), but that doesn't mean you should do it all the time (not saying you will), people/companies can still get pissed at you if you return things too often.

The answer is yes if the UPC is the same, you shouldn't have any problems whatsoever. I can't speak about the PC version since I don't buy PC games, but when I bought Crysis 2, I noticed that the UPC for the Limited Edition was identical to that of the regular edition on 360/PS3, so logic dictates that if they didn't create a separate UPC to differentiate LE and standard, it should be the same UPC everywhere.

Be wary in cases where games come with "retailer exclusive content" as they don't always have a UPC barcode.

*sykotek is not responsible if you are chased or crushed by a large boulder when attempting this swap.


how long ago did you buy it at best buy? Check their price match policy. you may be able to just get a refund of $25+tax.


@kamikazeken: YMMV, there are two Best Buys where I live, neither price match Amazon only local retailers. One will price match with little to no fuss, the other won't at all. I do my returns and high priced purchases without coverage plans at the latter.

You can try Fry's if there is one in your area, as far as I know, they'll price match Amazon and you can get it the same day if you do. I've purchased much more from Fry's (not just price matched items) since they began their new price matching policy.


If you bought them both from Amazon, probably not. If you bought the first one from a local store and still have the receipt, you could more than likely get away with it.


I've personally done this with a wireless router I purchased from Best Buy. I set off the door alarm when I walked into the store, but managed to return the router that I bought from Amazon, no questions asked.


Like said before YMMV, some places will let you while others will not. I was able to do this at a retailer with out a receipt (got two as gifts kept one returned the other) then the next time at the same retailer the manager said can't with out the receipt.


It would be stealing. Best Buy would be paying you for a game then reselling it. They would essentially be selling your game for you.


@segafanalways: Not really? He bought it and would be returning it for the same amount?


@jagg3d3d93: I just found out, in case you didn't order your Amazon copy that if you have a Fry's in your area, they are running a $35 promo on Crysis 2 currently, so it would be easier to go directly to Best Buy and have them re-credit you the difference since they do price match local businesses...unless you have a crappy Best Buy, then go ahead and do your worst.