questionscan you outfit the seattle staff with snow gear…


We only have a couple of inches and it will be gone by Friday. What we really need is RAIN gear :)


@theoneill555: Really I just think it'd be fun to trek into the office with snow shoes.


I say go Canada Goose Expedition Parka. Like the one Nicholas Cage wore in the movie National Treasure. I can vouch for this jacket as I own it. Fantastic. I will never need to buy another cold weather jacket again.

Mostly because it's 2012.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka Men's and Women's


Closest I've found so far...which should tell you how much success I'm having. Hey, at least it's local!


One pair of snow shoes listed. Still looking. ;-)


Take the snowshoes to the mountains where they belong. This week in seattle you're better off with microspikes.


@kayak206: Those look really effective.

I got these for my parents up in the Rockies and they love 'em. Great for the ice, sizes run a bit small though.


@theoneill555 here, here! Coming from NY I find this whole debacle hilarious. The whole city is in a tizzy!

I need a good deal on decent coat. I've become a wimp. After surviving all of college with nothing but a Northface fleece, I find myself in need of a real jacket in 35 degree weather. Le ugh.

Went to Fred Meyer and their "40% off clearance!!!!!111!" jackets were still over $100. Bah.


Finally found something. Mmm... cashmere


@meh3884: Don't know if you're a female or male...sorry. Did find a women's down parka on Amazon for $99.99. Slightly fitted so you don't look completely like Nanook of the North. Hopefully. ;-)


A snowsuit for the men. Reviews say this runs very, very large; might be good for @jumbowoot. ;-) ...if he's in Seattle. At Amazon for $52.43 w/free shipping Note: This snowsuit is listed in Automotive??? Why anyone would look in that dept. for a snowsuit is beyond me.


@inkycatz: Nah, why waste money? You must have some snuggies around there, somewhere. Of course, your back side might get a bit drafty...


@meh3884: Originally from Chicago. I laugh every time Seattle gets snow and the "Storm Watch" comes on the news :)

I will admit that I have become a little wussy and switched from an overshirt to a fleece jacket now that the temp has dropped below 40°


@inkycatz: here's some 50% select snowshoes:

the question is, can we find something to keep the SLU Trolley on its tracks when it gets into an accident?


The funniest part about the whole "locals going bonkers over the once a year snow event; eastcoast / midwest transplants getting a chuckle over it" thing is how when it comes down to it, it's the transplants who invariably are the ones who get stuck in their cars for hours trying to cross town while the locals just hit the pub after work and walk the three miles home.


@kayak206: Hah. Actually, from my perspective its the local doofuses who think their 4 wheel drive mud tire SUV is an unstoppable snow hero who cause all the problems.


There are a lot of great ideas, and I'm glad to see some of them have wandered over to the community deals section as well. I remain skeptical about our current conditions causing the effects KOMO predicts:

"First event for Monday, a trough of low pressure will swing through the region bringing locally heavy snow showers to the area. A second event for late Monday into early Tuesday morning involves an arctic front that could bring 3-6 inches of additional snow to the interior of Western Washington, including the greater Seattle-Tacoma-Everett-Bellevue metro areas."

We'll see. I will say that nearly everyone is pretty calm about it, even to the point where we can poke a bit of fun at ourselves.


@meh3884: Maybe in Bellingham that's the case. If you're talking about Seattle.. well, you aren't talking about Seattle.


DriFire Cold Weather Balaclava
Original price: $65 (ACTUAL price, not "list")
On clearance for: $15.98

These things are awesome.. I bought a couple and love 'em. They keep your face, ears, nose, mouse, cheeks, etc. warm...while simultaneously making you look like a badass ninja/mercenary (YOU decide!)

And the $65 price tag was legit, here's some on eBay:

I'm up here in the NW too, so I'll probably think of some other snow-related stuff later.


Silk long underwear for boys and girls.

These were a life saver riding my bike in Boston.


At the price of being potentially branded a traitor, I'd like to point out that @wootbretz had the right answer above. Woot! is great for miscellaneous stuff, but when it comes to outdoors, the family of sites are the 800lb gorilla for ODaaT in that market space. and are the ones running winter-ish stuff for the most part right now.

Also, pro-tip, check out what's on sale at 's outlet section. That, for the most part, is what will come up on those sites (since they're the liquidation arm of Backcountry) and that'll give you an idea if there's something you want that you should be watching for.

P.S. Don't forget to DWR even with Gore-tex or Dermizax, you need to keep the membrane from being water-logged to breathe properly.


@kayak206: Hahaha, wow, I do actually live in Seattle, and unlike yourself know what its like to live in other parts of the country. Make a harmless comment poking fun at Seattle, and the pretentious "natives" come out guns blazing against "transplants". Sorry you don't know what its like to live where winter is bad not because the city is pathetically unprepared and panicked but because the weather is actually terrible. (Right, yeah, all of Seattle drives smart cars and wears skinny jeans, right? And everywhere else must be hicktown, way uncool.)

It was a harmless joke. Get over yourself, tool.


How about a Warm Full Face Cover Winter Ski Mask Beanie Hat Scarf Hood (Whew!) for $6.99 shipped. Order more and get discounts, but it might be mid-February when you get it/them from China:


I loves me woots and all, but just go to the REI. it's only the coolest store in town anyway.


I appreciate everyone's replies to our little light-hearted challenge! Be certain as more "crisis" situations come up we'll be sure to ask you fine folks for assistance!

Mmm, upvoting...


Just watched the news - extending sympathy and best wishes to all in Seattle. Brrrrrr


@gmwhit: Thanks, I think a few people did manage to get in to the office but a lot of folks (me included) are wisely staying at home! It's very situational, as conditions vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. I can only imagine what would have happened if we had gotten all the snow that was predicted.