questionsdoes a "hangover prevention remedy" ensure that…


You are parsing correctly. What an evil wootbot.

By the way, the best hangover cure is Pedialyte. Try it.


I concur with the pedialyte.
Also if you can remember, chug a glass of water right before you go to bed... a hangover is just your body in severe dehydration mode so the water should be preventative measure.
Also, you make want to check out charcoal tablets... in theory, they should eliminate all the toxins in your system. This is based on the notion that if you get alcohol poisoning they pump your stomach with charcoal. Just beware that charcoal is unforgiving as to what it absorbs and can render any additional medication you're on ineffective or less effective.


Must be from one of those Chinese websites where things are lost in translation. I still love the Furry Ball Trimmer deal.