questionsis woot hypocritical when it comes to firearms?


I don't think those items would be disallowed here. Only guns and ammo.

That said, it's similar to lube and "sexy" items that woot may sell, but not allow on deals. I think it's because it can get out of hand if everyone starts posting that sort of deal. Plus, certain items are more prone to be sold on "sketchy" websites. They are protecting the users from navigating to potentially harmful sites and making their jobs as mods easier by disallowing all deals of that type.

The last thing we need is more lube and gun fanatics trolling around here. :-)


Woot is touchy when it comes to firearms. I too am very happy to see the influx of air rifles and targets and other accessories. If you remember the first few air rifles they sold they kinda shyed away from stating they could be used as anything other than paper targets. They've recently come around to killing pest with them because it's a huge selling point.

Maybe there are some fears that, because of the ammunition problems, it may be over run with gun/ammo deals. Or maybe they are afraid of the political arguments that it would start, which always makes a deal less attractive (ie Papa John's). They could also be afraid of loosing business from the antigun crowd like they did somewhat when they started selling air rifles.

I don't really know just a possibility. I'd love to see Ammo deals again though :-) Though I'm not sure they'd be actual deals, instead they would probably more serve as an "ammo finder".


@bsmith1: Gun trolls are the best. :-)

But I do disagree that sites that sell guns or ammo would be more sketchy than those selling cheap made in china cables or phone cases. It's not easy for a legit business to sell guns on the net (or at all), lots of permitting and shipping regulations.

Those running the sites may be self defense crazies or apocalyptic nut cases though.


well, it's Woot's sandbox and they get to make the rules...just wish they were written down officially somehwere


Those things are neither ammo, nor firearms, so I can see the distinction.

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@j5: That depends on which state you currently reside ;-)


@j5: I see that there is a distinction. But, it does seem like a rather narrow line.

As natedogg mentioned above, a set of clearly defined written rules would be a nice reference to help all understand. At least once a day and usually more than once, I see a post that is clearly shady. I'm still working on figuring out which kind of shady is worth tattling on and which to just downvote and go on with my day.

And back to OP's question - I've wondered myself about all of the "weapon related" deals.


@nmchapma: I guess, but I define firearms as things that generate "fire" vs. things that fire projectiles. :)

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While I love guns and do a lot of shooting, I don't think woot is the right place for them. There are other sites for that. If Woot! allowed guns/ammo deals on deals.woot, more than half of the deals posted would be that.

I come here for the odd deals, if I want guns I go to gunbroker, armslist, slickguns, etc


@devexityspace: GOOD POINT. Websites that are dedicated to guns/ammo deals are usually an enormous sea of duplicate and outdated posts. Woot users are already good at complaining about deal quality, relevance, overlapping, etc. and if woot allowed guns and ammo deals, the water would be too muddy to see through to the true/valid/still in stock deals.

But I agree that if they sell guns online, they should allow posts. If said 'guns' are only airsoft/bb/pellet variety, they should allow similar types of deals to be posted.

But then on the other hand, if I ran a website and wanted to limit my competition, I would restrict the number of competitor offers that are posted on my site, competing with my own sale offers.


@nmchapma: Or they may be regular business men trying to make a buck.

On the other hand people selling computers, refurb TVs and various other products could be sex offenders, wife beaters or atheists. Just saying...


Do they have a double standard about some items? YEP.

Does this make them hypocritical? Not in my opinion. They have some semblance of control over the type and quality of the items they sell - as opposed to deals listed. Also, every gun or "sexy" related deal has a much higher potential to generate insane comments and trolling, etc. None of which is really "good" for woot.


@waclark57: OMG!
Not atheists!
Hide the children!

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Perhaps all the individual state law and regulations became too much of a bear to deal with and they would get blowback about what was posted on the deals site.


@waclark57: Don't get bent out of shape there bud. I love guns, I have a great collection that I'm very proud of. I've been to a lot of gun shops and gun shows. I've met some great people but I also know that a lot of them are nut jobs, crazies, bonkers, loose screws that have no business advising anyone about self defense or concealed carry. I don't care how long you've been doin it or how many commies, japs, or charlie you've killed, If you'll tell me that obama is causing the end of 'merica and I should hoard my can food and ammo and get ready for a chaotic, government-less society, where it's kill or be killed then you deserve the afore mentioned titles. Hell, if you'll tell me a 9mm isn't big enough for concealed carry then I'd go ahead and put you in the same boat.

And did you really put atheiest and wife beaters in the same catagory?

@j5: LMAO


@pinchecat: That just made my week.

The distinction between firearms and some of the accessories that Woot sells is getting very, very thin. The spotting scopes could, in theory, be used for other purposes but usually their field of view is too narrow for anything other than their intended use (seeing where your bullet hits 100 or more yards downrange). What other possible purpose is their to red dot sights and scopes?


@wilfbrim: in what way is the distinction between firearms and their accessories getting thin?


@philosopherott: You also cannot submit deals on any accessories (cleaning kits, targets, et al). The argument was that these could be used for purposes other than shooting (I guess you could throw darts at the targets, too). A red dot sight has very little purpose other than shooting.


@wilfbrim: Ok now I understand your meaning. Thanks!


@wilfbrim: I don't think Woot really cares what you use it for, My guess for accessories is that they have to draw a line about whats ok and what isn't. It's easier to control if the line is straight instead of zig zagging around different types of products.

They have complete control over what they put up, no lines, no zigzags.


@j5: Hey, Waclark57 wasn't referring to generic atheists. It's the radical subset of atheists who sell refurbished televisions.
I mean, to quote the profoundly wise Gob Booth: "Come on!"