questionswhat do you think of the two mlb conferenceā€¦


The brewers have been rocking the cards all year long, It will be very tough for St. Luis. I really wanted to see D-backs win tonight as they are my#2 NL team, but that wasn't the case. They had their chance in the 9th and they blew it badly. I am really hoping the Tigers beat out Texas and go on to win the world series (they're my #2 NL team).

Overall I'm just happy The Giants didn't even make to the playoffs, and the Yankees lost to Tigers. Whoever wins now I wont really mind.

(In case you were wondering Dodgers and Athletics are my #1 teams for NL AL)


I'm not really a baseball fan (was tortured with little league as a geeky child and spent years actually hating the sport... I've come to enjoy it when watching with someone else who does, but don't really get into it on my own).

Now that the Yankees and Boston are out of it, my girlfriend (who is a baseball fan) isn't going to care much either. (If the Yankees were still in it, she'd be rooting for them and if Boston was still in it, she'd be rooting against them).