questionsdo you consider "xx% off entire site" a deal?


I do and, in my opinion, it's nice that some of those things get posted on a site that so many of us regularly use so that we can find them without having to just stumble across them.


The best way to not be caught in a rash act of purchasing is to know the price before the "sale" started. I have noticed that with the actual storefronts, that they will increase the price before they put it on a x% off sale (usually making the price the same and sometimes a little more than before the sale).


Why wouldn't a discount off everything in the store be considered a deal compared to a discount on only one specific item? Yes, some places are notorious for jacking up prices before putting them on sale, but they're just as likely to do that when they put one item on sale as opposed to the whole store.


As a generic construct I have to answer "both"... XX off at YY store can be a fantastic deal or a ridiculous ploy depending on the values of XX and YY.


It's often phrased "Up to XX% Off" and I often pass.


@kcjones99: That is the true answer. If I can do a search and find the item everywhere else, for the same price after the XX discount, then meh. But some of the XX sales are fantastic. Although, what bothers me, is it seems that both get up-voted equally.


For me, it depends on what the XX% is, and what I want from the site. If it's 10%, and I want a shirt that's $20, then getting it for $18 isn't much of a deal. But, if it was 25%, that shirt for $15 may be more attractive.

I do try to comparison shop, if I don't know they rough pre-sale price. But, I generally ignore these sort of sales with stores/websites I'm not already familiar with.


It depends on the site and %

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Sometimes. Occasionally some places I buy from will kick out 10-20% off coupons for everything.. One place in particular drives the prices down to awesome. I got a windowed PMAG awhile back for like $12 bucks :)


Sometimes. For example 50% off of something at Kohls is just another day. Some stores price their stuff obnoxiously so that they can almost always have a "huge sale".


For the sites on deals.woot I have noticed that even with the xx% off the entire site is still way too overpriced. Most of the items are half off their xx% off price if you go to Amazon, Overstock, eBay, or pretty much any site that sells the same things. I pretty much ignore the xx%off deals on deals.woot now.