questionscan anyone direct me to a legit windows vista…


I've seen legal copies of Vista at thrift stores in the misc. computer CD section. I passed it up, as I didn't think it was worth the 0.99 price.


contact your laptop's manufacturer. they may be able to offer you a download link.


You can find unchanged OEM disk on torrents. This is technically grayware, but I have had HP tech support request I download the disk from torrents. Dell will need specific Dell OEM disks. The rest is a crap shoot.


If you can't find them from the above link, this website also links to them directly (digitalriver is Microsoft):


@neuropsychosocial: OMG that is so cool, I did not know that, when did they start that?

Second thought.
If the key is OEM it may not work...


@neuropsychosocial: From my understanding, those are just the service packs. Provided to update a computer that doesn't have internet access. I was able to use the downloads that @hackman2007 provided to create an iso. The OEM key that I had worked for this.

@hackman2007 Thanks!