questionsvalentine's day, love it or hate it?


"it's another obligation to fulfill"
really? and how does the spouse feel about that? if you both feel that way then why bother? if one does and one doesn't then y'all need to come to a prearranged agreement about what is/isn't expected


@moosezilla: I worded that a bit too strong.

What I've said for years and years is you should show the one you love them, surprise them on a random day, not a day the card companies have set the expectation for.

I really don't hate the day, I just have never got into it.


A Valentine's day does not need to be about overpriced roses, overpriced chocolates or overpriced whatever.

The best and most memorable gifts are gestures. Give V-Day, corrupt florists, corrupt chocolatiers and corrupt card companies a "finger-based 'gesture'" and do something unconventional. A meal you learned to cook just for that person, playing a song you wrote to that person, a hobby you learn to make a gift, etc. One of the most incredible Valentine's gifts I've ever seen was a friend who took adult wood-shop (not adult as in erotic...) lessons for two months and made his wife a rocking chair.

The bottom line is you have to show effort. If your significant other doesn't appreciate any type of gesture besides jewelry, consider getting a new significant other.


Valentine's Day may have been taken over by the card (and flower and candy) companies but at least it has a long and interesting history that predates the commercial aspect, unlike Sweetest Day which is celebrated by almost everyone here in NE Ohio.

Guys are on the hook twice a year up here!


"meh" that's exactly how the wife & I feel about it.

I prefer to leave her a handwritten note on he steering wheel or in her purse before I go to bed on some random unexpected night so she sees it first thing in the morning.


I personally hate it. Always have. I think it's over hyped and it's pretty mostly for women. Guys usually don't get anything out of V-Day except a hole in the wallet, and even then that can bite us in the ass.
Then what about the single people? I know it drives a lot of people crazy that they don't have a person on V-Day. It's a "holiday" that's geared to couples and discriminates against the singles.


I don't like it and usually don't celebrate it. When I do, it's dinner and a movie at home. No flowers, no cards, and no candy (at least not until a day or two later when all the candy is super cheap and I buy some for myself).

There's no need to (literally) buy into the card companies' and florists' agenda. Celebrate your relationship any day, not on the day it's expected of you!


Considering my wife's birthday is the day before, I stinking hate it.


@wickedd365: Reminds me of a commercial I saw last night. I'm assuming they're trying to get a little extra V-Day business. It was for Royal cruise line, similar to their Super Bowl ad. In the commercial the shell phone asks guys what romantic thing they've done for their lady lately. First thing my girlfriend said was "what was the last romantic thing she has done for him?"


I think it's funny you got engaged on a day you don't like. Seems to me that could only heighten its importance. But to each his/her own.

DH & I really don't give much of a hoot about it. A couple days back he asked, "So what's up w/ V-day? Gifts or anything?" I had to laugh. I figure if he had to ask it was clear he was hoping for a no. And it works for me, since his b'day's less than 2 weeks later. I do like to use it as an excuse for filet mignon, champagne & a dessert, though.

Seems to me there are enough occasions that are musts, and we have no need for V-day. Birthdays, anniversaries & mother's/father's day are the important ones.


I used to dislike it(hate's too strong), now I pretty much don't care. I have always bought flowers at random times, and around V-day would get/plant a rose bush. I say 'around' because with all my cunning, I screwed this up: Her birthday, V-day and anniversary are all within a 3 week period.
Bad planning. But flowers at various times through the year seems to work OK- even if it makes her co-workers think I'm cheating.