questionsdo hanging chads count as votes against a deal?


You are full of it. I see all kinds of deals you have down voted. My opinion is vendors shouldn't even have the ability to vote up/down. I will not buy from any vendor on here that down votes other vendors. It is a slimy thing to do.


@wadekind: Nice answer. Do unto others....a non-vote does just as well on the high road. :)


@wadekind: Not to mention that the only deals @spicyaprons has "voted" for have been their own, for which privilege they made one Woot purchase.

@spicyaprons You needn't flatter yourself that it is your competition down-voting, since I turn thumbs-down whenever I happen to notice one of your "deals." Your products are neither appealing to me nor well-priced (witness the aprons you down-voted).


@JSI. Thank you for your “high road” comment. It is excellent advice for all vendors. Other vendors aside, we acknowledge that we mis-stated when we said that we had “never” down-voted a deal. We did previously down-vote some deals from a reaction impulse. It was inappropriate. Three weeks ago we chose not to take that road and so we determined that we would no longer vote on any posted deals, regardless of the product or vendor as it can be a conflict of interest. Your high road comment is appreciated and well taken, so again thank you.


@gionot. I may be missing something, if I am I'd be happy to be enlightened; but when you state your opinion that our deals are not well priced and then suggest that we witness prices on other deals you referenced in your comment, have you clicked past the Woot deal price listed to see what the good deal price you reference is the same on the landing page and / or in the cart? Is it the same? Like or dislike out aprons, that's okay. But on deal prices ours are very good for the fabrics and tailoring we use and our listed deal price on Woot is the price the customer pays at checkout.


@Gionot. My previous reply may have been a bit unclear. I was asking if you have ever clicked past the advertised Woot price on the deals you reference as being better priced than ours. If you took the time to do that, unless I am missing something, (which I could be) you will see that the price advertised on Woot is much lower than the price on the actual landing page for many of those deals. How others advertise deals, and how the community evaluates a deal is up to them, but when you use such deals as a basis for concluding that our deals are not priced well, it would be logical to assume that you did not base your conclusion on just looking at the deal price posted on Woot. The deal price we advertise on Woot deals IS always the same price that consumers see / pay once they reach the destination site. Let me know if I missed something on the deals you referenced. I'm open to learning always. :)


@spicyaprons: The original point I was trying to make is that I think your aprons are overpriced. Dropping your inflated prices to a price point that is almost as low as what I can get elsewhere (online and locally), is not a deal. Thus, I usually vote down your "deals". (Your deals on men's aprons aren't so obviously overpriced, so I just ignore them.)

And instead of coming on ATC to complain about perceived persecution by your competitors, you would have been better served by asking what you could/should be doing differently to attract more up-votes and buying customers. My unsolicited advice would be to offer real deals. If I was looking for an apron, and I saw a deal for, say, $15 + free shipping, I would likely visit your site even if I didn't care for that style just to see what else you carry. It would also have more impact if you only posted one great deal every couple weeks, rather than the multitude of non-deals you currently post.


@gionot. Thank you. Perception is subjective so no woot there. That's fine.

I addressed your comment that our deals are inflated. You cited sources as comparisons (i.e. deals). The examples reference a very low deal price on Woot, but if you took / take the time to click to the product pages, the actual prices are much higher than the advertised price. We could low ball and increase up-votes or click-throughs. We don't. Our deal price is the actual price paid.

If fabric qualities, weights, weaves, apron design details, tailoring, dyes and workmanship were identical for all aprons, you'd have apples to apples. Using the basis of your comment, A car is a car. Based on that, a $40k car would be a bad deal and a $15k car is a good deal

Every product has its marketplace. We're not Sach's 5th Ave and we're not Walmart. Though our primary focus is not based on price, our deal prices are very good for those who do not use price as the only criteria. Thanks again for your comments.