questionsnemo survivers roll call, how did you do???


I hope things improve more quickly for you than scheduled. I'm in an area that historically gets a lot of snow (though has not seen much in the past several years - pretty well nothing from Sandy and nothing unusual from Nemo) and things are already back to normal here.


Everything is fine apparently just barely missed us. Stay safe!


No records broken here, just 15 inches of blowing snow. Good luck.


Here. Fine. 6" of snow, no local damage.


Milford, Ct. : 38" by the beach.

We have freezing rain coming by 3:am continuing thru the day as rain.

I live in a senior citizen housing site and we are still heavily snowed in !


WNY bad driving on Fri. but we've had worse. Good luck to the rest of you.


@computiac: i think you live where point beach elementary used to be. i taught there many years ago. living the warm life in california now!


Near Boston, 2+ feet of snow, luckily had no power outage. Public transit is supposed to be fully online today, with "significant delays" expected, especially on bus routes. Guv Deval Patrick made a good call Friday, declaring a state of emergency and ordering all non-emergency vehicles off the roads for 24 hours. No MA drivers stranded and snowbound on the highway, no multi-car pileups, faster and more efficient snowplow clearing.

After this cold, snowy, blustery weekend, my little "sato" rescue dog would probably vote to return to his native Puerto Rico. He's currently wearing a fleece-lined doggy jacket over a fleece sweater, curled up inside his plush bed, which rests on a heating pad, wrapped in not one, but two fleece blankets. Convincing him to leave his Cozy Kingdom for the frozen outdoors has been quite challenging!


Skunked again in Virginia...wishing good luck to all my northern friends...stay safe and be smart!


@ginawoot: Picturing the Taco Bell dog wrapped in a burrito blanket!


Best wishes from the sunny southwest. I hope everyone stays safe and warm, especially the little doggie. My 140lb Great Dane thinks the 40's is shiver-worthy weather.


@betsclass: Hi, in Walnut Beach.

It is 35 with heavy rain and fog here at 11:am
Streets are all ice covered.
Not a Beach Day !


I got somewhere between a foot and a half to two feet. Thankfully didn't lose power. Roads are still a mess though. I did not feel comfortable driving to school at all, and I live quite close. I'm just glad I was able to keep my car in the garage, it would have been a nightmare to clean all of that snow off it.


I'm not too far outside of Boston. Got power and heat. Had a pile of snow in front of my driveway about 4 feet high that took forever to get through but it's clear now. Bring on the rain and warm weather!


I've got lights and slowly increasing heat...
Power must have come on just before I got home...