questionswhat's the best pre-paid service for a dumb-phone?


i don't know about austin and coverage. i can tell you that straight talk has an unlimited international calling plan at 60 a month. they also have an unlimited us plan at 45 a month. and a 1000 minute, 1000 text and 30mb plan for 30 a month.


verizon pre paid $6.66 a mo 10c a min and minutes roll over
Virgin has about the same deal -uses sprint network

Amazon will have the best deals on the initial purchase


I've been looking for a similar plan and think I'm going with T-Mobile.

$100 = 1000 minutes for a year with add-ons available for intl roaming, text, etc
$1 a day for unlimited minutes and text- same/similar add-ons

I'm not sure if Austin has good T-Mobile coverage, but they seem very good to acceptable in the areas I need.

Good Luck!


We use Straight Talk with great results, very affordable and simple. You can buy refill cards at Wal-mart or refill online. No surprise charges or overages. Here is the coverage map: As long as you are using a non-android phone you should be fine in TX.


I've been using tracphone's pay by the minute plan since I first got a cell phone about ten years ago. Tracphone does have international calling, if I recall correctly it was no extra charge to many countries. I haven't had any problem with coverage, in town and when I travel. Customer service is always very helpful. Two examples: my sim card died two days before I was supposed to leave on vacation. I called them and they overnighted me a new one at no cost to me. I bought one of their new "smart phones" (LG500) on Valentines Day and last month ran it through the wash in my walking shorts. I called to ask them if I had any recourse and they sent me a new phone for free. They only use refurbished phones, so the battery life isn't always great and it's hit or miss on how good the phone it. But I pay only about 7 cents a minute ($100 a year) for my phone service, and $10-50 for a new phone every couple of years. You can't beat that.


I'm pretty happy with virgin mobile but I've heard good things about t-mobile's prepaid plans as well.

I think it depends on your area, you should check and see who has the best coverage where you live:


Have you considered Ting?
Minimum $6/month charge per device plus small fees for each service you want on that phone. The minutes/texts/data are shared in a pool between all the devices you have with them.

I personally use Net10. I'm very low usage as I only use my cell away from home. I pay $30 every 2 months and get 300 minutes between those two months. It averages to $15/mo. for 150 minutes.

Each text message sent or received "costs" half a minute.