questionswhat is the best way to record and watch movies…


If you get an HDMI cable and a USB tuner device you can use your PC to record over-the-air TV and play DVDs. You'll probably also need a decent antenna depending on how close you are to the broadcast towers.

I have 3 tuners connected to my PC and have been using it as a DVR for a little over a year.


Get a blu-ray player for DVD's. They're cheap, and they all use HDMI. For over-the-air TV, I have a custom-built media center PC. You can use Windows Media Center with a remote control and of course it's easy to get more storage space to put in. I use MythTV because I have lots of time to waste keeping it running.

Or, set up TV tuners on any old PC, and use something like Plex to share the recorded video out to a Roku or other such device.