questionsdid you hear? it's woot's first annual take your…


My monkey (now a single amputee) lives at work with me, so maybe I should take him home.


I'm going to take mine into the bathroom at work. And punish him for his decadent ways....


@firebirdude: Did you just say you were gong to spank your monkey in the bathroom at work?


So I have to bundle up all 30+ of the little buggers and lug them off to work with me? They're not particularly well-behaved, so this could prove to be quite an adventure.

P.S. You can't have the "First Annual" of anything. You the event one year, and then the next year it becomes the "Second Annual..."


@caffeine_dude: Geez, if ever I've heard a set up for a joke, that was it.


I got a lot of monkeys at work already. I'll be sure to post some pictures Tomorrow!


Mine rides on the dashboard of my car with me to work everyday. I have the next few days off, but perhaps it is time the little guy got a tour of where I work.


@magic cave: @pemberducky warned me that there would be people like you that complained about the title.

As your punishment, you must pic a favorite of your monkeys and take him to work. I demand pictures.... over on Woot.


@magic cave: Ya I had a bad day...
My monkey lives in a human skull at work.

I should take a Pic because that one sucks.