questionswhich version of shameless do you think is better…


While I've never seen the show you're referring to, I always find that when there is a show that started in the UK and moved here to the States, the British version is better 99.995% of the time. I would say 100%, but there has to be some margin of error.


The British version of Shameless is much better. Skins is another BBC show that is really good. It's by the same creator as Shameless. But whatever you do, do NOT watch the American version of Skins. The first 2 seasons of Skins are the best, but it gets addictive so the rest of the seasons are still worth watching.


Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to watch the UK version.

I really like the US version.


Aaaand, just got the office Roku going, searched Netflix for Shameless. Fifty episodes? Woohoo! I know what I'm watching today. And when I'm on the bike in the extra room (we've got three Rokus). I'm all set.

Thank you!


Yes, the BBC version is almost always going to be better.
The BBC makes a story, kinda like a play, and lets the audience decide if they like it. The US version gets crapified by conservatives, advertisers, lawyers and religious nuts. Did you ever watch Fawlty Towers? The American version wrote out Cleese's role. ?!?!
THAT said.
Try the BBC version of Being Human and Coupling, as well. Misfits was pretty good, and we really like Rosemary and Thyme.


@gidgaf: Thanks for the recommendations. Will provide me w/ many hours of veiwing material. Have not yet watched any of them...American or British versions. I didn't care for the BBC after only watching 1 episode. But then I gave it another try a few months later & found it to better.


@gidgaf: Seems like you're a hating troll. Go away, left whack-job.


Sorry, but I just watch the British version and it sucks in comparison. US cast is much more beautiful and the picture is much better. The US cast is more diverse and their is a lot more nudity.


First of all Shameless and skins are both Channel 4 programs not BBC Lol. Also the americans who dont get the british shameless is because you dont get Britain and up north as it is based in manchester. That is what people on benefits are like in Manchester and thats the beauty behind it. Its exactly correct as a stereotype to the lower class who live on benefits in manchester and a typical way their lives run. Therefore you can not knock the british version if you don't understand the culture of it. Its exactly as it is and ive watched a bit of the USA version and it is the best remake ive seen by you guys but its a bit glorified and not real compared to the British one


I did not know there was a British version of Shameless. The American version is very good. I will check out the British version as long as there are subtitles. The American "Man On Mars" is much better with cuter actors. The main actor is Irish with an American accent.


@bythejerseyborder: O.K., I just tried to watch the British version of Shameless. I couldn't turn on the subtitles, so I turned it off in 15 minutes. I missed most of the lines.


British version is WAY better and much more realistic!!! The American version was ok (clearly a well funded version) but the UK version kicks the shizzle out of the US