questionsdid you know that "they" could be watching you…


Quickly putting on tin foil hat.


that's why I flip the bird at my webcam at random times throughout the day.


Am very glad that I am to computer dumb to be able to follow what you said.


My webcam fell off the back of my desk sometime last is now hanging upside down amid the cobwebs and dust bunnies. Have fun with that... (Footage might make for a good horror flick)


Yup. All those appliances with RFD and WiFi links in your kitchen, and they are all watching you. All of the time.

And don't forget the AI drones. Not only can "They" watch you 24/7, "They" can take action against you for bad behavior. And there's a drone out there keyed to your behavior. Trust me. There is.

One day your neighbors will get up to find a smoking ruin where your house used to be. When interviewed by the local news station, your neighbor will say: "Oh, it was bound to happen. Joe was up every night burning toast and constantly checking the fridge for snacks. That third piece of leftover cheesecake in one night must have tripped a switch somewhere. I always told him he shouldn't overeat. Now look what happened."

Not true, of course. They can simply monitor your brain waves


no they can't, I don't have a fiber optic line and I don't have a webcam. They can use drones and satellites, or they can walk up to the house and look in the window, but they aren't using the computer to see me. Hacking my system, well, I'm sure some 12 year old could do that.


Out of curiosity, I peeked at several random links, from the 100's collected here: While it's not Big Brother, it's still disconcerting that these cams provide anonymous public access to their users' private spaces. I was able to spy on a disabled woman and her caretaker, a toddler playing on the floor with her blocks, and an empty (at the moment) crib. Creepy.