questionswhat is the best hands free soap dispenser?


I've used this Simplehuman version at the kitchen sink for close to a year now, and have been happy with it since finding the optimum 1) type of soap 2) distance from edge of the sink 3) dispense rate. Haven't tried the newer models and so can't vouch for them.

When the instructions say to avoid using soap with granules (like the beads in kitchen lemon Softsoap) they really really mean it. You don't need to use the expensive Simplehuman stuff either, just liquid soap that's not too viscous. I use regular Softsoap now and bet you can use any clear liquid soap, really. Highly recommend this model - it's especially handy to use while cooking.

edit to add - linked to Bed Bath and Beyond in case you have a dozen or so leftover 20% or $5 off coupons. This one's $29.99, or $24 in the store with the 20% off coupon.


I would also really like an answer to this question. I have tried a bunch of these and could never get them to work well. Unfortunately I trashed or returned them all so I have no brand info. Even the bedbathandbeyond version suggested above has a bunch of really negative reviews. At this point I just use hand pumps.


@nortonsark: If I'd left a review two weeks into owning the Simplehuman mine would have been negative, too. At that point after working well for a few days it began randomly dispensing its entire contents onto the counter and sink. What a mess!

Once I figured out that a reflection or something was triggering the sensor I adjusted the dispense rate and found a better spot for it. A couple of months later after repeatedly clearing clogs I learned to stick with on-the-thin-side clear liquid soap. Since then it's been smooth sailing.

So while it hasn't been effortless by observing and fine-tuning along the way it's become a very workable solution.


Thanks for the input. Reviews on these dispensers are so mixed it's hard to tell which way to jump. I bought the "As Seen On TV" one a few years back and it was a disaster. I really like the idea of a hands free dispenser in the kitchen to keep down any potential cross contamination.

I'll check out the Simplehuman suggested along with the coupons.