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How do you check to see if you have a private message?


@jandk113: Go to any of the other woot sites (like Click on the "Community" link. Now, look at the page. See the bar where it says: Woots, World of Woot, and Everything But Woot? Over toward the right is an envelope icon. If there is a number on the envelope, click on that icon and YOU HAVE MAIL!


I've never gotten mail how sad.


Don't mind the feature, because it will undoubtedly lead to a "Block PMs from _" or "Block all PMs except for _" feature eventually.

This reminds me...
Note to self: New name for people with Black Triangles? Tryanglers.


Honestly, I would REALLY like a PM, but it's not exactly a HUGE deal to have to click a couple extra times to go over to my WOOT PM lol..

Most importantly, it seriously discourages the negative behavior (ie SPAM!).. Think about it, random foreign advertisers come a'clickin on in here and look for the private message area, but BAM! There ISN'T ONE?!.. which is why you'll never see spam in your main.Woot messages.. The same basic principal also applies for quite a few other things too.


Depending on what needs to be said, a PM adds the ability to "back channel" key bits of info you would never want to post in a searchable, public forum.

True you can post messages on main but that adds extra steps with no assurance anyone ever checks messages there. PMs can be ignored or used. Not having the option without leaving the site of origin just takes away flexibility.

So my vote, once again, is to add Personal Messaging to


@tpscan: Feedback is being duly noted and passed on. (I'm not a dev, I make no promises.)


@inkycatz: Oh, I know. >smile< Thanks for making the note and reply.

I think this is about the umpteenth time a similar request was made. I believe the first time was way back in the first beta days. Folks find ways to communicate but it does lead to clumsy workarounds.


@tpscan: Yeah I know, but it never hurts to keep passing it on in the "hey remember when folks asked about this feature before, this is still relevant" way.