questionsall you going to sell spria wave walkers dx3…


If they were for sale on any of the sites (woot, sport, etc.), they may be listed again. Or not. No way to tell; it depends on what the buyers find. You need to check every day on the main woot sites. If they were listed in deals, you can do a search there. I couldn't find any. Items listed on deals.woot are submitted by woot members/staff & are not the same as the main woot deals.

They could also be listed as a Plus deal on woot.

To view a composite of Plus deals, you can look at @Thunderthighs list here. Or the wootstalker that @lichme put together.

Good luck on finding them!


Are you talking about the sale here from Nov 26?

That is the first and only time I have seen them on woot according to the search I did. Woot employees cannot say if/when an item will be listed again unfortunately, however there are ways you can get notified if an item you are looking for gets listed.