questionsanybody want some $5 off woot site coupons?


I can't use one at the moment, but that's mighty kind of you to offer those.


I don't think that's how coupons work. I believe there's a list/database of people who have coupons, and it's checked every time someone uses a coupon code. In other words, you can't transfer them. Nice of you to offer, though.


@rprebel, I don't know, can anyone just attempt to use this? Just try and use it, but don't press everything is set on the 2nd confirmation page, hopefully these can be given away.


The coupons have to be loaded on to your account by woot. If you just put in the coupons but haven't been given access to the codes, it won't work.

At least that's what I've been told.


@rprebel: is correct, it is attached to your account. Everyone gets the same code. But what a lovely thought, thanks.


I'm pretty sure @rprebel is correct. They are tied to specific accounts, or else someone could post a code and everyone could use it. Kind of you to offer though. Could you use them and put your purchase on a credit card?


Alright, well too bad. Thought I could be a good samaritan. Oh well, woot admins, you can delete this question to avoid further confusion.


@allhighruler: Doesn't work, the 'wait' timer just churns and churns.


I have one of the codes above on my account, but it is not applying when I go to buy something. C'est la vie.


@auggie24: Send an email to If it's there, they'll apply it.

Woot coupons are attached to User Accounts. They cannot be given away.

All told.


@jumbowoot: I ended up not buying (the dual floatation/water war toys was very tempting), just thought I would let someone know the beta is not doing so well. :)

Thanks for your help and generosity, J-dub.