questionsare we playing "now you see it, now you don't?"


were they duplicates? that is the primary reason anything gets deleted.


Like @moosezilla said, it could have been a duplicate of an active deal. The said deal could be up to 5 years old since nobody at deals.woot has installed an auto-expire option. OK, I'm better now, thanks.


@jsimsace: Yes, kind of. The Jerry's deal resembles (but is far from identical to) a Jerry's deal of mine from before Christmas that I RIPped earlier today. The W-S deal resembled an even older W-S deal that wasn't RIPped when I checked it; again, passing resemblance only.

Bah. I was shooting for a 98 tonight.


@aphroat: go tattle a bunch. it will help clean the site, and give you something to do to help your rep all while not thinking of deleted deals.


Can we get an official rulebook so I dont have to keep getting my deals removed with no explanation?


@lichme: i thought the rules stated that there can be no official rule book. sorry. it had to be said.


And another one bites the dust..... deal removed that had a better price then a previous posting with 3x as many votes. Probably marked as a duplicate.