questionswhen do you woot?



Is constantly ok?

Seriously, I check my TrackWoot app when I get up to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night (if there's a Woot-Off going on, I pop up and down all night to check it, IF I get back to sleep at all!). I boot up my laptop while getting my first cup of coffee in the morning and start checking my daily deal sites. Now that I'm retired I allow myself to piddle on my laptop until 9:00 before going on to other things. Frequently I go past that deadline if the conversations on DW catch my attention. I keep my laptop in whatever room I'm in and check off and on all day.

So again, constantly!

Hmmmm. Maybe I need to follow @lumpthar's example.


It depends on how busy my day is and what other projects I got going on. If there isn't much going on I am checking woot! when I get back to my desk. If there is a lot going on I am checking it when I get home at night.


Whenever I feel like it ... meaning it's sporadic nowadays. Some days, in the morning at work. Other days, in the evening after dinner. In any case, it's nowhere close to the amount of time I used to spend.


Randomly when I'm in work avoidance mode.


I usually post early morning (before 7AM), late evening (after 7PM), and sporadically all weekend long.


If I'm asleep I don' least I don't remember if I do or not.

Otherwise, any chance I get.


Only at home. I try to not ever touch the computers at work. I have a 99% success rate.


I do my 'rounds' of the various sale sites, mostly once a day, and mostly in the mornings. That includes woot. I'd say I visit once for 5 days out of 7.


Everyday. My wife hates it and I'm sure my employer wouldn't think much of it. But I say screw em'


@belyndag: I'm using the Wootie app for now. I thought track-woot! was a little busy. Have you looked at Wootie?


@coreyking: Haven't checked that one out. Will do!


I usually check Woot first thing in the morning. My girlfriend always laughs at me. Then I do check in throughout the day because I can't help it.


A shorter answer would be when I'm not wooting.