questionswhat's the best way to write down music?


I use NoteWorthy Composer, but it doesn't seem to fit your criteria. The only way I can think of to notate music without time is to just type notes into a text editor.


@gregorylikescheapstu: That's what I've been using GP for, but entering notes one at a time (even for chords) and then having to figure out the timing if it's a more fun strum pattern is just too inefficient.

I rather doubt I'm the only one who feels like this, so I was just hoping someone on here knew of a better way to tab.

@chris12345: Yeah, I've done that too. But I've come across a few instances of really digging a strum pattern, writing the chords and then forgetting the pattern.


I would say to use Sibelius (google to find.) If you do not want to use a specific time signature i believe the term for that is spreech time; so you would need to set it that way. I like Noteworthy but Sibelius is way more powerful.

Also it sounds like you just need to record yourself when doing a jam session to make sure that you can remember the beat.

It almost seems like you want to plug in your guitar to a computer and it to write what you play. I know that they have that for rudimental drumming but not sure if it is something they make for guitar.


@philosopherott: Recording for the timing is a good idea. I'll definitely look int Sibelius, thank you!

I know programs like Garageband and Logic can record guitar plugged right into the computer, I've seen it done, but whenever I plug my guitar in (I have the adapter), the computer recognizes an input, but the programs dont seem to pick up, even through the virtual amp, although I'm sure I just havent set it up properly. I've got a decent condenser mic though, so it's not hard to record. Quality is meh, but what can you do.

I probably need a MIDI controller or something for that, but I don't have the means to shell out for ProTools right now.

(back on topic) I'll give Sibelius a shot. If I dont like that, I can always go with a text edit tab and a recording. I was hoping to find a lazier way haha xD


I always keep my cell phone handy for recording short ideas, then later tab it out in guitar pro 5. It can be tedious to figure out the timing of the riff, but at least I have the recording as a reference so that I know whether it's correct or not. Then when I have the riff down, I can expand on the idea more easily in guitar pro.