questionswhat's the "best" slim case for an iphone 3gs?


For $35 (installed) you can't beat the Zagg invisibleSHIELD. I have had it installed on my iPhone since day 1 and it still looks new. A solid investment and, because it is not a case but rather an indestructible skin, it doesn't change the form factor at all and you still have access to everything. Here is the product's website:
To get it installed you either do it yourself (and save $10 - not recommended) or find a retail location that offers installation (use the Zagg shows which retailers offer installs).

vote-for0vote-against has the same film and is a lot cheaper. the only difference is it doesn't come with the liquid, but that is just soapy water anyways


I didn't want to believe it because i love bamboo and the look of this case so much, but it's true! It's like brain surgery trying to slip the iphone into this case without it shattering. So good luck! Mine broke right away on the side while putting it in. I superglued it and slipped it on very carefully once again. Then it broke on the bottom. More super glue. It's now intact on my phone superglued in numerous places. Will see which part pops up next. Suspense is killing me. In the meantime it looks cool, but it's not for the uncrafty.
Caution: Do not super glue while phone is in case.
Idea: This company and superglue should go into business together.
I bought the great bamboo case for my iPhone from here: